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I have a very deep question that I want to ask you guys, and I hope you won't mind answering for me. Can diabetes, or any kind of illness have an affect in your spirituality? I know that I'm a Christian, and I do believe in God and Jesus. But I don't have any faith in them. I do get daily verses in my email, and I listen to Christian music. I don't' watch any of the preachers on TV though.

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RosalieM 2014-12-14 10:52:52 -0600 Report

Yes I believe diabetes can effect you spirituality. I am a former Christian. I was ordained a deaconess my Christian church. I know the scriptures very well.
However I am no longer Christian or belong to any other religion. I am far more "spiritual" as a non religious person. I am also healthier. What ever your mind puts out will be returned to you the same. If you feel angry because God didn't protect you from diabetes that is what you send to the universe and it is what you will get back. More anger. On the other hand if you send out a message that I will do what it takes to stay healthy. You will get back the insight
you need to stay healthy. Try it, it works. It doesn't matter what your religion is or if you have none. You don't have to give up your religion, but you might
find you don't need it anymore. Grandma Rose

sweetslover 2014-12-14 10:09:23 -0600 Report

Being a Christian means believing and accepting Christ as your savior. That does not mean that your will never have doubts or question your faith. Spirituality itself takes many forms for different people. For me, it is a belief deep in my heart that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. That does not mean that my life will be without sadness and complications. Bumps and bruises are part of the life God has given us, along with great joy. If we accept the good, then we also have to be prepared to accept the bad. Your faith does not have to come from bible verses or TV preachers. Faith is highly personal—look for what it means to you. Take one day at a time. I find help and renewal by finding a quiet spot and enjoying the nature around me and remembering, "This is a day the Lord hath made. Blessed be the name of the Lord."

Bekah Y
Bekah Y 2014-12-14 09:31:27 -0600 Report

I'm 16 years old and have been a diabetic since I was about 5 or 6. I have been a Christian all my life. My advice is to embrace it. Who better to help you through your diabetes than our beloved Jesus?:) Once when I was in a youth group service at my church, I was having high blood sugars ALL DAY. I was emotionally drained. I prayed that God would cure me. The service that night was about Joshua and the wall. Comes from Joshua chapter 6. The people had to wall around the wall several times and the "yell" at it and God said it would fall. They had to walk a lot. My youth pastor kept saying through out the sermon "just keep walking." But then the sermon ended and we gathered for some worship. And that's when it happened. The your pastor called us to be quiet and he said "I didn't plan on doing this tonight, but I feel The Lord calling me to. There is someone in this room, with a sickness in their body that is in curable and doctors can't fix it. You're overwhelmed. God is telling you to just keep walking." The Lord is good and he will always be there for you, and especially with your diabetes. He knows you're capable of handling it.
Best of wishes

Stuart1966 2014-12-13 21:33:35 -0600 Report

Interesting question.

I do not share your particular (religious) beliefs, however the emotional and psychological burdens of diabetes, (regardless of its flavor), DO have a serious influence on most of us.

Just shy of fifty years (very soon) riding this dragon, diabetes does affect our emotional batteries very negatively. If that is what one defines as "spirit" then yes it does,

In my humble experience.

GabbyPA 2014-12-13 09:46:49 -0600 Report

Life challenges are just that. Challenges. It is challenging for a seed to break though the ground to grow. It is a challenge for a chick to peck out of an egg shell. And I know your mother would say giving birth to you was a challenge. But those are good things, even though they are hard.

They push us to question, to seek and sometimes to doubt. Our spiritual part really does change with what it's faced with. Your support, however you choose to find it, will help you find your way. As a child, I had little organized spiritual teaching. As a young teen into my adult hood, I was avid in the teachings of Christ. And now I have found a blend of things that make my spiritual being what it is. It may change again, but I am happy where I am at, and that is important to me. Be true to yourself in the effort to find your answers.

You can watch all the preachers, get all the inspirational emails, pray with friends or alone and attend religious meetings all days of the week. The true part of your spiritual life is what you do with it all. How you touch others with it. What changes it brings about in your daily life.

I have always seen a challenge as a nudge. That it is a way to call me higher for some reason. That I am made of stuff that can handle what comes my way. I may not always handle it in a pretty way, or sometimes even in the best way. But I can grow from it and build on my spiritual arsenal with it. Diabetes is just one of those character building events.

Tony5657 2014-12-13 06:00:40 -0600 Report

Any trial can affect your spirituality either positively or negatively and diabetes is definitely a "trial." If you're truly a Christian, having accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, and are studying and believing the entire Bible, especially the New Testament (new covenant) part, that will strengthen your faith. I can testify to that. That takes time and patience but the rewards are tremendous. I suggest you start going to a Bible believing church. Yes, there are churches that don't believe the entire Bible and some TV preachers are "false prophets" but not all of them. I recommend Andrew Wommack, is his web site. There you can get many free resources with his teachings which are all based on the Bible. At his site, look to the left and click on "Extras", then "Audio Teachings" and they are listed by subject. All are free but I do support his ministry because he's "real." You can copy his audio teachings in the mp3 format and listen to them over and over. He also has many Biblical based books - I have 8 of them. He's also on TV weekdays. He has a Bible college and a huge ministry based in the Colorado Springs area and branches of his ministry are in many U. S. states and foreign countries. He has a Texas "twang" accent like I do but if you listen to what he says, you'll be blessed. Andrew has a "teaching" ministry.
Another TV preacher that I recommend is Joel Osteen. He is more of a motivational preacher that tries to encourage people.
I especially pray that you'll get into Andrew Wommack's web site and explore.
Sending prayers your way…Tony in New Braunfels, TX

GabbyPA 2014-12-13 09:49:01 -0600 Report

I will give a resounding AMEN to Tony. He is a great testament to how life can throw you more curves than a roller coaster.

lilleyheidi 2014-12-13 02:25:41 -0600 Report

I became a Christian in my early 20's (am 54 now), but have strayed away at times from my faith, and come back. When I was first diagnosed with diabetes I was also struggling with a deep depression, I also have bi-polar depression, and I walked away from church and prayer. My faith in God waffled, I was very angry that I had several silent diseases. I was angry at God, and I started to look at more Earth based religions to seek answers to health questions and spiritual questions, but somewhere deep inside, I still believed and had an underlying faith in God and Jesus. I had friends who prayed for me, thankfully. I don't believe at all that it was diabetes that caused the affect on my spirituality, or my fibromyalgia, or bipolar, or arthritis. I have my own beliefs as to what pulled me away. But, through prayers, I'm walking the straight and narrow again, and am at peace with my Lord, and happy to know where I am.
This may sound a bit strange, because these illnesses aren't always easy, and are in fact at times very difficult, but, I'm very thankful to God that I have the illnesses that I have. They have helped to form me into the person who I am, and I think that I'm a pretty darned nice person.
Hope you have a blessed day. HUGS, Heidi

Pegsy 2014-12-12 19:57:56 -0600 Report

Being diagnosed as diabetic did impact me spiritually. It caused me to seek God more and turn to Him in prayer a lot, over my health issues. My faith seems to have grown from there. I can't imagine myself "doing" diabetes without knowing that I and my health are in God's hands and He watches over me, leads me to truth and gives me what I need to thrive each day. Every day that I live is a blessing. Life really is short and faith helps me make the best of it.

denipink57 2014-12-12 18:42:21 -0600 Report

i dont know how a person can believe in God and Jesus yet have no faith. in order to believe that something exists we have to have faith. when you turn on your lights you have faith to believe that they will light.

when i did not believe i prayed for faith and God heard and answered that prayer for me. since then i pray in faith believing that i have what i ask for. God does not always answers our prayers the way we want Him too but He does promise to answer according to His will.

my question to you is why dont you pray for faith? i am confidant that God will answer your prayer. He wants nothing more than to communicate with His own and you belong to Him because you believe in Him.

jayabee52 2014-12-12 14:48:07 -0600 Report

Howdy Nyu.
I am a lifelong Christian. I have been educated to the masters' level in my denomination.

That said I know of no effect on one's spirituality by having a disease like diabetes. The only way I can see it affecting your spirituality is if you get the erroneous thonght about what a bum rap God has given you (totally untrue) and that He hates you and that you curse God. Then you have fallen away from your faith.

IMO it is a good thing you don't watch the TV preachers as I belirve that they are false prophets only out after what profits them.

If you'd like to go further into this subject I'd be open to discussing it with you, but I would recommend talking on PM here on DC.

Praying for improving health for us all


Type1Lou 2014-12-12 14:38:16 -0600 Report

I wish I were more spiritual or even at all spiritual since I think there is some comfort that can be obtained there. I think I was so immersed in religion as a child and saw so much intolerance in the name of religion that I no longer practice any formal religion. I don't believe nor not believe in higher being…that probably makes me an agnostic? I try to be a good and kind person and do not look to a higher being to get me through my trials. I like to think that I am self-reliant and take responsibility for my condition and act accordingly, treating others as I would wish to be treated. Diabetes has not affected my spirituality or my lack of spirituality. Wishing you well!