So confused and needing to get back on track

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I've been diagnosed for 10 years and in the beginning I got my A1c down low enough that they took me off my meds. The PA who diagnosed me is no longer practicing and my PCP doesn't really do anything. I've gained some weight in the last few years but for the most part I stay the same. I no longer have insurance (working on fixing that) and so needless to say I don't go to the Dr very often. 2 years ago I had my gall bladder out and before I did I called my Dr and told him what I was doing and how my readings were - he prescribed Glipizide since I was going into surgery soon. I hadn't been on meds for years. I'm now also on Metformin. I have had 2 stents put in over the last year and still have high cholesterol and my blood pressure is much better since I'm on meds.
I need to lose weight - my body screams at me daily and I just can't seem to get a complete handle on food and exercise. I will be going and getting bloodwork done this month as it's been awhile.
I am so confused about this disease since I had my head in the sand for several years and just really need a starting point. Is some sugar ok? What about carbs? I do love strength training and will be getting back to that next week so I feel like I need carbs. I don't feel like I'm getting what I need from my Dr. When I do go in (usually sick) he never asks about it since he wasn't the one who diagnosed me I'm assuming. I need help as I feel like I'm starting to have complications with my feet and my eyes.

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Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2014-12-15 13:10:04 -0600 Report

HI RavenCat,

It's good to see you. I'm glad you checked in.

It sounds like you have a lot gong on that that you have been feeling a little, or maybe a lot, overwhelmed.

Here's a link to an article I wrote awhile back that you might find helpful:

It sounds like you are doing what you need to do to stay on top of things. Really glad you got in touch with your doctor. I encourage you to continue to advocate for yourself. Sometimes doctors have to be pushed.

But if you continue to feel that you're doctor is not giving you the help you need, you might also want to consider getting a second opinion. You are in charge here.

I hope you will stay in touch with us. Take good care of yourself!


bamb56 2014-12-11 22:54:14 -0600 Report

First I would find another PCP who knows about Diabetes. otherwise find an endo doctor. I found that changing your diet to plant base has helped me this year. I'm not completely plant base, yet, but have cut out a lot of meat from my diet. I have chicken, ground turkey, some pork, and lamb once in awhile. But if you can go plant base, if you like beans & veggies especially, that will help you. I have lost 70 lbs, and went 4 pills daily to just 1 metformin. I man in my diabetes class was diagnosed in Aug and at our meeting this past Mon he's down 60 lbs and 6 pant sizes. His daily sugars are no higher than 112. This is because of diet change to plant base. No sugar is good, but Stevia if you need to add sugar. You have to watch your carbs because they spike your sugar levels. Any white it's good for you (bread, rice, sugar, etc.) Just a little motto, "The whiter the bread the sooner I'm dead". You need to find a support group they are very helpful. I was diagnosed 8 years Ago, and have been going to our monthly support since it started 8 years ago. I always learn new things, nd we usually have guest speakers. Good Luck

RosalieM 2014-12-12 14:27:54 -0600 Report

I have questions about your plant based diet, Rice, grain, flour and potatoes are all plant based. They also raise
every diabetics blood sugar like crazy. How do they fit I n your plant based diet? One more thing, how do you plan to get
your vitamin B12. It is only found in meat products in sufficient amounts. You could take a pill. Grandma Rose

Beca1 2014-12-10 03:56:00 -0600 Report

I was told I was pre-diabetic about 4-6yrs ago and NO dr. Not one took it seriously so guess what? neither did I. So I slowly, but surely, continued to eat one meal a day and gain so much weight now I am the biggest I have ever been even bigger than both of my pregnancies. Now I am borderline, really close to Type 2 Diabetes. YOU have to take this Seriously, NO dr will because this is YOUR LIFE not theirs. So, my advice to you is the following; Start taking your glucose readings "before" and then 2 hrs after a meal, write this down in a journal You need to find out just what YOUR body is doing, how Your body is reacting to foods you are putting into it. For me, I had three sips of a beer and OMG my blood sugars went really high, another time I had two rootbeers at a Mexican restaurant an two hours later OMG up high again. One time I didn't eat all day, skipped meals, and had one big meal and two hours later my blood sugars were so high. Everyone is different. So you need to record exactly what affects your body in what way. When you buy something read the back and see first Carbohydrates total; than you see the Sugars, The sugars are already included inside the Carb total. Try to keep each meal below 30gm of carbs per meal, have three meals and two snacks per day. Have a complex carb along with a protein to slow the absorption of sugar in the blood stream. Get proper sleep, exercise mildly at least 20 to 30min a day, drink lots of water, do not skip meals, start taking vitamins and learn as much as you can about nutrition. Netflix has some pretty good info on there check the documentary out. I hope this helps you if not or if u want more info let me know.

lilleyheidi 2014-12-08 03:52:37 -0600 Report

Congrats on deciding to make some changes in your health. Always try to keep open communication with your health provider. If he or she doesn't give you answers that meet your satisfaction ask again, ask until you understand, remember they are the employee, you pay them for the service.
Low carb is what is typically recommended for diabetics, and although you may need some carbs for exercise, like James said, you need higher protein for building muscle. Talk to your health care provider about getting in to see a dietician to help get some suggestions on how to get the proper nutrition to lose the weight you want to lose and keep your blood sugars you need while exercising.
Like Lynn suggested, I highly recommend pick one or two things to work on and master them, get those things under full control before you move on to something else new. Trying to overhaul everything at once will set you up for failure on everything.
Best of luck to you on your new way of life. HUGS, Heidi

Beca1 2014-12-10 03:57:53 -0600 Report

Good advice here! I have found that trying to do too much as once will get you overwhelmed, make a deal with yourself and take one step at a time. You will get there eventually.

Glucerna 2014-12-07 18:53:56 -0600 Report

I'm glad that you're ready to make changes in your lifestyle and learn more about diabetes management. You might ask your doctor for a referral to a diabetes education program, or look into a program at your local hospital. There is a lot of information on diabetes on this site, plus has a wealth of information for people newly diagnosed with Type 2. Pick one change to make for food choices, and one to make for exercise, and you've started on a path to reach your goals. ~Lynn @Glucerna

jayabee52 2014-12-07 10:18:45 -0600 Report

Howdy RC
Sounds like you have a lot on your plate.

Perhaps you could use a lifestyle reset. I had such a time 3 yrs ago when I moved from SFCA to LVNV. I had moved to my son's place and I dropped my vial of NPH insulin on the floor. I hadn't yet established with a Dr in LV so I emailed my Dr in SF to ask for a refill. While waiting for an answer and the refill I chose to experiment with food, eating very low carb to see how it affected my BG (blood glucose) levels. To my surprise and delight, I didn't rise all that much in my BG levels.

That meant my pancreass was producing enough insulin on its own to handle the reduced carb load. Armed with that happy news I decided to eat high protein and low carb meal plans. I developed my own meal plan and have been on it for 3 + yrs now. I have been able to keep my BG levels between 80 and 130 mg/dl. achieve an A1c of 5.5%, lose 65 lbs over the course of 5 mo.

I have written up my meal plan as a discussion and I offer it to anyone who is interested in reviewing it and asks for it.

Oh and BTW you may need a few carbs doing strength training, however you have more need for eating a lot of protein, for protein helps to build muscle.

Praying for better health for us all


harley14 2014-12-10 08:16:16 -0600 Report

Hi James, I would like to review your meal plan. Have a great day.