Meditation anybody tried it.

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Has anyone tried the meditation that is associated with Quantum Physics? I have a series of CD's I bought about 2 years ago. I started listening to them and doing the meditation again as I sometimes I get way to hyper. Theses CD's say you can heal your own body with your mind. It really works for me. sometimes I have to do it over and over because I distract myself. When I get it right it really works. It says that it is your beliefs in your subconscious, put there in childhood or by trauma that causes you problems and even illnesses. The CD's and meditation helps you change your subconscious beliefs to ones that promote health and well being. My blood sugar dropped a lot when I got it right. I am going to listen to those CD again every day and see if my blood sugar will drop more. I still have a high protein, low carb diet too. Never to old to learn knew things. Grandma Rose

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