Can diabetes affect a person's memory?

ali eletre
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Some Times I have been dazey after taking the insuline shot .. I canot stand & I have to lay down on the bed .. Can diabetes affect a person's memory?

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LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-05-16 15:02:46 -0500 Report

If you do not take precautions right away the disease might progress to hamper your power of remembering things as well as well as other problems related to cognition.

Dealing with diabetes is indeed a distressing situation for anyone to be facing. Occasional lapses in remembering names and faces are expected with advanced age, but if relative "youngsters" struggle to remember facts, then it is surely time for some very strong action.

Make sure you are eating a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products, legumes and lean meat. Eat foodstuffs rich in magnesium, zinc, chromium, etc, and
exercise regularly to be sure the brain receives adequate blood flow.

Diabetes also raises your blood pressure significantly. Increased pressure on the blood vessels might also, in severe conditions, lead to strokes, and strokes, in turn, might lead to lapses in memory.

I guess, bottom line, it is possible, but there are ways to lessen the chances of it by just taking good care of ourselves, which is what we need to be doing anyway.