Easy diabetic diet.

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I write an article every month about blood sugar and weight for a local health magazine called Natures Pathways. You can find it on line if you want. My article for January is as follows. It has not been published as yet.

Thicker waist but thinner wallet
8 tips to reverse your post holiday situation

By Grandma Rose

You want to lose the weight you put on over the holidays but your wallet is thinner because the holidays are expensive. You cannot afford to go to the man on TV who says "It is not your fault you are fat" or an expensive nutritionist to learn to lose weight.

Don't worry Grandma Rose is here to help and it won't cause you a penny.

Weight loss is not as hard as you think. This plan keeps it simple, is easy to prepare and is really easy to stick with. It is also a healthy diet loaded with vitamin and minerals—no supplements needed. Here is what to do.

1. Start now and eat protein: all kinds of meat, eggs and cheese. Do not eliminate fat from your diet. Cook meats in larger quantities and keep them in the refrigerator to make getting your protein easier.
2. Eat only single foods; no combination foods. (ice cream may have protein, but it is not a single food; it has sugar and other stuff.) This means no processed foods. No breaded fish—or breaded anything—as these are combination foods.
3.Along with protein from meat, eggs, and cheese, eat vegetables—lots of vegetables—and salad with only full fat dressing, but no potatoes! They are high in starch. Do not eat them at all. Use fresh or frozen vegetables, not canned, and cook them in the microwave.
If you want to combine meat and vegetables in some way that is fine as they are single foods you have put together. An omelet can have mushrooms, onions and cheese because you have
them together from single foods, they are not combination foods. Add fruit to the protein and vegetables, but only fresh fruit and no fruit juice. You can eat plain full fat yogurt that you add berries and Splenda to. Full fat cottage cheese is also good with fruit added.
5. Do not eat grain of any kind at this time. do not eat rice as it is almost pure starch. No bread, crackers or pasta either. Eat nothing from grain, potatoes or rice.
6. Don't count calories. There is no need to count calories when you follow these tips because you will feel satisfied and still lose weight.
7. If you put sugar in your coffee, switch to Splenda or Stevia. Use cream—the real stuff, no fake cream or skim milk—in your coffee if you need it.
8. Smoothies that you make from single ingredients mentioned in the tips above are acceptable. Remember to use full fat milk in your smoothie.
By eating protein, fat, eggs, meat, cheese, vegetables and fruit, you are consuming a high protein, low-carbohydrate diet. You will lose weight. If you are exercising that is great, your exercise will be more effective and you will lose more weight. You will not be hungry.
If you have a blood sugar issue, follow these tips and your blood sugar will fall. Note: If you are taking diabetic medications, you will need to reduce them as your blood sugar falls.

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jayabee52 2014-12-02 00:46:59 -0600 Report

Howdy Rose
What you write here sounds much like the meal plan which I adopted over 3+ yrs ago and on which I lost 65 lbs over the course of 5 mo. I still follow that plan.

Praying for improving health for all

RosalieM 2014-12-02 08:27:36 -0600 Report

You got it right James. I lost 55 lbs and have kept it off for many years eating this way. I have to add other carb foods to my diet now as I will keep losing weight. I am very active for an old woman. That is why I came up with the recipes, I can add carbs without gaining weight as long as I have the "recipe" food in my diet. It keeps what carbs I eat from making me hungry and overeating. I don't gain weight and my blood sugar stays where I want it.. Grandma Rose

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