Thank You DC Diabetic Connect FRIENDS

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11 / 28/14, I just wanted that in the beginning I was skeptical about joining this website group, and although this isn't an instant LIVE CHAT group, I'm really excited and privileged to meet people like myself that I can SHARE, "connect" with thanks DC.
I now have somewhere to hang out & express my thoughts, my feelings, my FRUSTATIONS, my interest, my concerns and issues.
To a very unique group of people that understands. ; ) Huggs & Kisses, Tears & Laughter.
Myra : )

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GabbyPA 2014-11-28 06:26:26 -0600 Report

It is always great to have more people to offer support and friendship. So very glad you like it here. And thank you for all you bring to our table.

jayabee52 2014-11-28 04:57:03 -0600 Report

Howdy Myra.
I am glad you are here as well and got over your skepticism about joining DC. When I joined DC over 5 yrs ago I also was a bit skeptical as well and simply lurked for about 2 weeks before I ventured to say anything on this forum. I guess I was taking the temperature of the group and found most folks to be polite and engaging. Of course I also found, as time went on, a few nuts and wiedos as you'd find on most any group of people, in person or online.

I think this place is like it is because it is not "live chat" I have tried those and really didn't like it because in most ot them deep thinking was not really the forte` of those venues. And also I had trouble keeping up with the conversations going on (I don't type all that fast and am a stickler for spelling).

So I am glad you are here to join in the mix.

Praying for improving health for us all!
James . .

lilleyheidi 2014-11-28 02:30:20 -0600 Report

It's a great place to hang out and share with others who know what we are going through :) So glad you are here.

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