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I was diagnosed about a year and half ago with type 2 diabetes. While I have lost 50 lbs , changed my diet, taken my meds and started back at the gym my numbers are still not where my doc would like them. I am very frustrated because I feel she expects more but I can't seem to get any specific answers as to what I should do. Any ideas.? I know my next step is insulin and I am not crazy about that

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GabbyPA 2014-11-28 07:12:12 -0600 Report

This is one of my frustrations with my doctor as well. I know I have more to do, but please acknowledge how far I have come.

That being said, our bodies get used to what we are doing and sometimes just that little extra push gets us into a new place. Doing an extra 20 minute walk during the week or changing the type of activity you do. Taking a week and experimenting with just a few less carbs or a few less calories. Nothing huge, but you might be amazed and how just a little change can help.

The other thing to remember though is that diabetes is a progressive disease and what works today may not keep working down the road. That is one of the hardest things. Also, to never let insulin be a threat from your doctor. It may just be the next step in your treatment plan.

babjci 2014-11-28 16:28:56 -0600 Report

Thank you so much for reminding me that this is not something that you can do one thing and it will fix it. That it is constantly changing. I appreciate the good advise and will take it! I forget how much you need to involve other people in your journey.

Glucerna 2014-11-28 15:01:51 -0600 Report

Great ideas Gabby. I hope that in the future everyone understands that type 2 diabetes is progressive, and even when people follow all of the healthy lifestyle guidelines sometimes they need oral medication or insulin. A wise diabetes educator once explained to me that diabetes management is like a 3-legged stool, with one leg food choices, one leg exercise, and one leg medication/insulin. In order to be balanced and healthy, we need all three 'legs' working together. ~Lynn @Glucerna

Brenin 2014-11-28 02:03:24 -0600 Report

I think as diabetics we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do "better"… I know I do. I think there comes a point when we're doing all we can to keep ourselves healthy…eating right, exercising, meds…taking care of ourselves emotionally, spiritually and mentally… there just comes a time where YOU have to be ok with what you are doing and have accomplished. It doesn't matter how the doctor feels about your accomplishments…good or bad… they are there for medical advice/ care and support only. In the end, you live with you … and you have to be ok with where you're at and the decisions you make about your life.

jayabee52 2014-11-27 10:03:09 -0600 Report

Howdy CI
May I suggest an eating plan which I developed over 3 yrs ago on which I had discontinued my twice daily injections of NPH insulin, kept my BG (blood glucose) levels at 80 to 130 mg/dl, achieved an A1c of 5.5% and lost 65 lbs over a 5 mo period. I had written it up as a discussion and will send you the link upon your request.

Praying for improving health for you and us all!


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