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I have had well controlled BGL's for a while now with Novolin 70/30. Problem is I am tired of the Insulin dictating how much I have to eat. After speaking with my Doctor I decided to go proactive and switch to a long/rapid regime. I found out that my best choice for this (taking insurance co-pays into consideration) was Levemir (Long acting/Basal) and Humalog (Rapid).

The Rub:

After picking up these insulins my first recommendation from my Doctor was just as expected. He was going to start me waaaaaaaay toooooo s l o w!!!
I now have a high BGL.

I was taking 75 units of 70/30 twice daily at about 50 carbs per meal.

Doc put me on 50 units Levemir 1x daily and the sliding scale for Humalog. I understand that he has to be safe about this but I don't feel as well as I used to.
Here is my math:
75 units 2x daily of 70/30 is 150 units…
150 x .7= 105 daily units of long acting. 150 x .3= 45 units of regular insulin.

I'm gonna adjust myself (still cautiously) and then let the Doc know how many vials I need a month proving it with a detailed report of my numbers.

Anybody else switch from Novolin 70/30 to Levemir/Humalog?

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jayabee52 2014-11-21 07:53:04 -0600 Report

Howdy LH

I don't have much to say about your new dosage of insulins. When I was injectng insulin I used NPH twice a day.

I don't inject insulin now as I have an eating plan which controls my type 2 quite well.

I do want to caution you to consult with your Dr before changing doses as you are thinking of doing.

Praying for your improving health