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I have read here on the website about the use of cinnamon to help lower bs, so yesterday I picked up some cinnamon caps to take and also fresh cinnamon for cooking. For those of you who have tried this, how long does it take to see some results from this? I'd like to know when I should expect to see any difference…1 week, 2 weeks, a month?

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Knitting Bubbie
Knitting Bubbie 2015-04-15 15:19:01 -0500 Report

I read the info about cinnamon capsules on this site, and even bought some. Then I decided to check the Internet for info about side effects of cinnamon capsules. Some are very frightening, including kidney and liver damage. You might want to check this out.

suecsdy 2014-12-04 22:42:35 -0600 Report

I did read that info, but chose to try anyway. After about 2 weeks, it kicked in and my bs dropped to under 100 pretty regularly. I would still like to get a little lower, but as long as I have a little progress in the right direction, I'm happy.

Anonymous 2014-12-04 16:34:53 -0600 Report

I tried the cinnamon for a while. It worked a little at first, but after about a month, it made virtually no difference. One thing I did find out doing some research is that most cinnamon here in the U.S. is Saigon Cinnamon aka Chinese cinnamon or Cassia which is it's real name. It's a close relative to cinnamon, but not really cinnamon. Ceylon Cinnamon is the real thing, and is supposed to be beneficial for diabetics, but good luck getting it. It's also very expensive. I don't know if it's beneficial for Type 1's.

I have type 2 and discovered that Gemnema Sylvertra worked well for lowering blood sugar. It works by increasing insulin production, decreasing glucose secretion from the liver and suppressing appetite. I had a lot of luck with it when I was in my late 40's and early 50's. It worked well enough that I had to worry about low blood sugars. Now not so much anymore now that I'm 60.
My big reason for responding is to help get the word out to folks that are buying their meds from some of "free or very inexpensive" sources such as grocery store pharmacies and some big box stores. In order to save money I switched my prescription from a Walgreens type pharmacy to Target, and then to a local Grocery store. Over time, I had worse control over my BG. My doctors attributed it to getting older. 5 years ago my doctor also switched me to Metformin ER saying it would make my sugars more even.

I didn't accept that I was going to have to put up with BG in the 150 - 200 range, so I started reading everything I could find. I found out that a lot of people had the same problem I did and were using Metformin ER from cheap sources. In the last week, I switched my prescription back to Walgreens and went back to straight metformin. Blood sugars are already back down to 113, 123, etc. If you can't come up with a concrete reason your BG's are high, consider changing pharma's that could be your issue.

suecsdy 2014-11-24 17:49:03 -0600 Report

OK, this morning I had an all time low of 69, so maybe the cinnamon is beginning to help. Funny thing though, I felt just fine with that low of a reading, but later at the Drs office I got the shakes and was in the 90s then. I noticed that I often get the shakes when I'm only in the 90s.

Brenin 2014-11-23 10:11:50 -0600 Report

I did 6000 mg of cinnamon a day and didn't get any noticeable results. I also did this for over a 3 month period.

suecsdy 2014-11-23 10:18:44 -0600 Report

I haven't been taking it for long enough to tell if there's any difference yet. Blood sugar is about where it was before I started. To soon to know yet. I guess.

Roger Chenoweth
Roger Chenoweth 2014-11-21 07:07:57 -0600 Report

I was diagnosed with type 2 a few years ago. I'm taking metformin which I don't think helps. My BGL unchecked ranges between 200 and 300 and sometimes over 300. I did a "Daniel Fast" Year before last and my BGL came down to near normal and sometimes normal. I'm an omnivore so as long as I have food I'm happy. My sister and I own a house and she is a carnivore so if I want to eat and not cook, I eat what she makes. Also, during the fast, I was more physically active with yard work and gardening etc.

valentine lady
valentine lady 2014-11-19 20:16:55 -0600 Report

Hi suecsdy,
I tried cinnamon for 8 months once because I had heard it lowers your
BG. It did not for me. I'm sure it works for some people but not for me.
I tried ALA, 1200 units per day. It didn't work for my neuropathy either.
I take medication from the dr. for that. I am not on any diabetes
medications either. I got control on my diabetes and have gone off all
diabetes medications completely. It's so freeing l love it. I'll do
whatever it takes to stay off. Good luck with the cinnamon, I pray it works for you.
Hugs, VL

suecsdy 2014-11-19 20:21:49 -0600 Report

Thanks Valentine Lady. I needed to hear that someone has been able to get off the diabetes meds. There is hope.

suecsdy 2014-11-18 12:20:26 -0600 Report

Just a few days in and not seeing any results yet. I was getting these readings before. Hoping it kicks in soon.

CamieSum 2014-11-17 21:03:54 -0600 Report

I have been taking 2000 mgs of cinnamon for years with 1200 mgs of Alpha Lipoic Acid. It works great for me, lowering my blood sugar by about 30 points when I test in the AMs.

haoleboy 2014-11-17 23:12:10 -0600 Report

I am curious how you determin that cinnamon and ALA are responsible for the decrease in your BGL … I eat a lot of cinnamon and also take 1200 mg of ALA but have noticed no change in my BGL


CamieSum 2014-11-17 23:25:11 -0600 Report

Well, my bs went down pretty dramatically when I started this. When I quit, my bs goes up.

haoleboy 2014-11-17 23:30:05 -0600 Report

well there you go … I actually started using the ALA to help with neuropathy and I noticed no difference so I've stopped taking that … the cinnamon I just like and have always eaten a lot

haoleboy 2014-11-25 12:01:05 -0600 Report

Taking 1200 mg of alpha lipoic acid (ALA) daily and 600 mg of gabapentin (at bedtime to relieve discomfort so I can sleep).
I had stopped the ALA but have now resumed as right after I stopped I had a noticable improvement in my ability to walk … seems it may have reduced the numbness in my feet.


Pegsy 2014-11-25 12:42:04 -0600 Report

I was told that taking R-Lipoic Acid is actually better than ALA. I have been taking it for over a year. The numbness in my feet is now reduced to just my toes. I honestly don't know if it is the RLA or just better glucose control. The RLA is expensive so I would like to stop taking it but I am afraid to.

haoleboy 2014-11-25 12:56:57 -0600 Report

I have heard that as well … but came down to economics for me … either the cheaper ALA or nothing.
As I have mentioned my neuropathy became bad long after my A1c went under 6.0 so the better control theory does not work for me.


Pegsy 2014-11-25 13:04:19 -0600 Report

I am so sorry you are dealing with that. It must be excruciating at times. Complications caused by neuropathy is one of my greatest fears. I was hoping to avoid it by getting and keeping my A1c below 6. Obviously that isn't a guarantee.

haoleboy 2014-11-25 13:19:03 -0600 Report

Pain is not my issue. I do have discomfort at night but the gabapentin takes care of that. the real issue is that because of the numbness in my lower legs and feet I am unable to walk without relying heavily on my trekking pole (walking stick).
Recently it had gotten so bad that a walk of only 1/4 mile or so was difficult if not impossible. About 10 days ago I stopped taking the ALA and just after that I went for a 3/4 mile walk and found I could pretty much just carry the pole, walking almost normally. I have repeated that several times since. Was it the ALA? No clue, but I have resumed taking it just in case.
I'm not cured by any means as I still have issues with walking mostly stemming from my stroke. I have a lot of work to do yet … mostly regaining strength (muscle) in my legs and the improvement in walking will certainly help in that regard.


RosalieM 2014-11-28 18:13:07 -0600 Report

Steve, getting blood sugar down to under 6 with drugs or insulin does not prevent complications like nerve damage. The reason is the sugar that has entered your cells is not removed even though you blood sugar is low. Diabetics excrete niacin 25 times faster than non diabetics. Niacin (vitamin B 1) is important for protecting the nerves.
Diabetics are 75% percent more likely to be low. But a product made from niacin, but is fat based helps protect the nerves. it is BENFOTIAMINE. It has been prescribed in Germany for diabetics since 1993. It is now available over the counter here. I took 1200 mg for 45 days and the numbness in my feet went away. The research I did gave my that information. Google Benfotiamine and diabetic nerve pain and you will find the research I found. Grandma Rose

Pegsy 2014-11-25 13:27:20 -0600 Report

I'm glad that you are improving and that pain is not your issue. Just keep walking and I think you will continue to build up endurance and balance. When I run out of RLA, I may stop it for a while and see what happens with my feet. If the numbness begins to "grow" again, I will resume taking it.

CamieSum 2014-11-18 01:04:14 -0600 Report

I had neuropathy for awhile. A naturopath suggested Korean Panax Ginsing or Korean Ginsing. It worked really well. Now I don't have it so much. But the Ginsing worked for a while. Then I quit it. I didn't get the neuropathy back until years later. But now I don't have it anyway, probably due to better control.

BreC 2014-11-17 14:29:03 -0600 Report

I can't use cinnamon at all in my cooking. My son and one grandson are highly allergic. Sometimes if the cinnamon smell is too strong they will start coughing. Needless to say, reading labels is very important around here and sometimes something will have cinnamon in it but it is not listed on the label. Had a serious discussion with a company about that.

K2K 2014-11-19 17:40:45 -0600 Report

I take a 1000 mg. cinnamon pill every morning, with lots of water and after a meal. I started taking it before I was diagnosed, so I don't know the effect it has on my numbers, but my doctor said to keep taking it, so I shall.

K2K 2014-11-19 17:40:40 -0600 Report

I take a 1000 mg. cinnamon pill every morning, with lots of water and after a meal. I started taking it before I was diagnosed, so I don't know the effect it has on my numbers, but my doctor said to keep taking it, so I shall.

K2K 2014-11-19 17:40:36 -0600 Report

I take a 1000 mg. cinnamon pill every morning, with lots of water and after a meal. I started taking it before I was diagnosed, so I don't know the effect it has on my numbers, but my doctor said to keep taking it, so I shall.

K2K 2014-11-19 17:40:28 -0600 Report

I take a 1000 mg. cinnamon pill every morning, with lots of water and after a meal. I started taking it before I was diagnosed, so I don't know the effect it has on my numbers, but my doctor said to keep taking it, so I shall.

tedblack 2014-11-17 14:10:52 -0600 Report

I do not take the capsules but 1 tsp on cereal in morning and one tsp in hop tea (chai) at night. After 3 days fasting bs dropped from 130 - 154 to 91 - 124. Stopped for 4 days and fasting bs when back up to 130 - 150.

jayabee52 2014-11-17 00:44:24 -0600 Report

Howdy Sue
There are some for whom cinnamon works and some upon whom cinnamon has no effect. I believe I am in this latter group as I have tried the cinnamon/chromium picolanate capsules. I took them according to the dosing instructions on the label. No effect.

I had even gone online and had some "ceyon" cinnamon sent to me (ceylon cinnamon is supposed to work for folks) as opposed to the "cassia" cinnamon (common grocery store cinnamon) That hadn't had an effect on me either. Now I just sprinkle it on my Applesauce tor the taste.

I pray you see a difference soon, but for me it doesn't seem to work, though I nave heard it does work for some.


lilleyheidi 2014-11-16 23:44:12 -0600 Report

I don't take the cinnamon pills, as I take enough pills as it is, but I do grate cinnamon sticks for fresh cinnamon on my oatmeal or cereal and in tea or coffee. I've not heard that it lowers BG, but i have like Gabby, heard that it helps maintain BG. Good luck.

GabbyPA 2014-11-16 17:37:19 -0600 Report

It actually helps maintain good levels. I have not read where it reduces it with any note. I tried it, but found no real effect. I like cinnamon though and I add it to almost everything. I have also since read that you need to be using Celion Cinnamon, and that is not generally the one that is sold. I get mine from and buy it in bark form. Just brew it in tea or grate it if I need some.

Joelelliotthudson 2014-11-16 21:57:55 -0600 Report

HI Gabby, I also like to brew about 1/4tsp with my morning coffee (single serving brew) it makes a wonderful wakemeupper :-)

RebDee 2014-11-16 18:27:54 -0600 Report

I do't want more pills especially not for something that I enjoy eating and I put cinnamon in that category. I use the powdered cinnamon which gives my morning shakes a great flavor. Haven't seen any healthy benefit from it but I am enjoying it anyway.

suecsdy 2014-11-17 08:44:09 -0600 Report

What kind of shakes do you make. Sometimes in the morning I would like to have a smoothie or shake. I do use Carnation instant and that is satisfying, but a little variety would be nice.

RebDee 2014-11-17 10:25:09 -0600 Report

From Costco, I buy Premier Protein Drink (it comes in vanilla and chocolate but I prefer the vanilla). I use 1 carton of the Premier Protein Drink, 1 cup Silk Almondmilk, cinnamon and sometimes a small carton of Dannon Activia in blueberry, strawberry or peach. Blend it up and drink it with all of my morning medications. Yummy. Try it you will like it.

RosalieM 2014-11-17 13:56:15 -0600 Report

I suspect that the cinnamon is dose related. It didn't help me either. But then it is hard to tell. If a persons blood sugar is down and they happened to take cinnamon. The cinnamon gets the credit, but it may be they ate less. Grandma Rose Who knows?

CamieSum 2014-11-17 21:07:13 -0600 Report

It takes my sugar down a lot even if I am in poor control. 2000 mg Cinammin with 1200 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid, taken in two doses a day after meals.

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