Naomi Rook
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Started 2014-11-16 09:50:28 -0600

So when I'm super good during the week, I go crazy on the weekends and eat anything in site. Ugh maybe it's because the husband is home.

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lilleyheidi 2014-11-16 23:52:01 -0600 Report

I live alone, so don't really have the same problem, however, when I go away for a weekend to a friends, I do want to raid their refridg and eat all their goodies. It is hard. When I go to my friends house for the weekend, I bring my own foods, and place them at the front of the fridge, and make them easy to grab, and I make sure they know how important my eating plan is to me, and sticking to it is. My friends and family know that this is now my way of life, and although once in a while I will have an ice cream cone or a bowl of pasta, that is a treat and not an every day thing. I'd strongly suggest talking to your husband and letting him know how important this is to you, moving your foods forward in the fridge and making them easy access and getting hubby on board with you. Good luck. Heidi

Glucerna 2014-11-16 13:14:38 -0600 Report

It can be more difficult to stick to healthy eating goals when people around you are eating foods you're trying to avoid. Perhaps you can talk with your husband about this, and together come up with a strategy for weekends? ~Lynn @Glucerna