Can Someone with Diabetes Serve as a Supreme Court Judge?

Amy Tenderich
By Amy Tenderich Latest Reply 2011-06-21 11:56:12 -0500
Started 2009-05-15 11:10:18 -0500

This is the big question in the news right now, because Sonia Sotomayor, a frontrunner for President Obama’s first Supreme Court appointment pick, has type 1 diabetes.

Experts are wondering if she should be disqualified as a candidate because she has a medical condition that could shorten her lifespan or lead to complications making her unfit to serve.

Considering how well we can treat diabetes these days, I think this is kind of outrageous. Please see this link:

What do you all think? How much scrutiny should the President give to a candidate’s health? (or health risks?)

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QueenJeanne 2011-06-21 11:56:12 -0500 Report

This is utterly ridiculous! Then all the men who have hypertension should not be considered either. I know that Clarence Thomas might have hypertension due to being an African American, but that did not keep him from the Supreme Court. Nor did his intimate life style. People will bring up any and everything about other individuals, so what do you have lurking in your closet today?

cavie2 2011-06-21 10:32:58 -0500 Report

Read the link and think it is unbelievably discriminating that someone's health can be used in this manner against them. Or maybe it's because she is a woman and would be taking a job away from some inadequate little man

doris 2009-05-30 11:17:34 -0500 Report

I've read some silly things doing research. This is about the silliest. As long as she tracks her diabetes and leads an actice life, which she seems too, I see no problem. Whoever is making the observation is almost as bad as the doctors who said working would make women ill. Good Luck Santomayor!

Amy Tenderich
Amy Tenderich 2009-05-18 15:30:07 -0500 Report

Thanks for your input, everybody. I really think it's becoming obvious that the whole thing is political, as in: those who don't want this woman to be appointed for political reasons are just grasping for some excuse to disqualify her. It's obnoxious!

I can only hope that if she doesn't make it, it's for the right reasons and has nothing to do with her diabetes.

lipsie 2009-05-16 14:06:30 -0500 Report

This is just outrageous! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have not been paying attention to the news so much lately. This is just absurd in my opinion! As everyone else has said, as long as her doctor releases her to be fit…arghhh! Keep us updated please!! Thanks again! Sheila

kesso 2009-05-15 22:49:16 -0500 Report

Why would they keep her off the bench. Judges actually have much more active "work life" than Justices. If anything, it'll be easier to be a Justice than a Judge.

GabbyPA 2009-05-15 21:22:57 -0500 Report

I can't believe that is even a consideration. They let the vice President serve with heart conditions. And the last president served with some serious mental disabilities....sorry, I just couldn't help myself. And don't get me started on the current administration.

They are just looking for any reason to keep her off the bench. I say, if she is failing in her duties, then they can consider it, but not until then. Besides, those guys serve on the Supreme Court far too long.

cakeybakes 2009-05-15 18:50:07 -0500 Report

Okay, I think we're going a bit too far now. Any one of us could drop dead at any moment in time from any unknown medical condition.

So, since she has diabetes does this mean she's any less QUALIFIED to do the job? Do we pull a judge off the supreme court when he/she gets too old that we think his/her health may be an issue? Are people with diabetes (and any other chronic condition) unable to make the serious decisions that are required of a job like that? Was Pres. Roosevelt unqualified because he had polio? Shall I continue?

What the heck is wrong with people that if someone sneezes anymore they are no longer valued as highly as the "perfect" person (and I have yet to meet one of these) capable of doing any job?! Get over it already!

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-05-15 12:36:11 -0500 Report

I think it should be considered discrimination and should not be allowed, unless it was truly something (physical or mental) that would mean that person definitely could not perform the duties. Diabetes can be, but is not always, a crippling and disabling illness. If the person is doing well and has their problem pretty well controlled - perhaps confirmed by his/her physician - this should be an issue at all.

2009-05-15 11:16:53 -0500 Report

I see no problem with her serving on the Supreme Court. She is already serving as a lower court judge, so why not be allowed to serve on the higher court. In my mind it would be discriminating not to appoint her just because of being a diabetic. If she had a mental illness, it would be different, but she doesn't. I think it's just plain politics involved, and nothing else.

Judimar 2009-05-15 12:20:15 -0500 Report

I totally agree it is outrageous. Evidently she is a judge now so why is it only becoming a problem now? This just shows how ignorant and small minded people can be.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Amy.