My A1c is too high I do not excersise because I am tired after work

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I have been in denial too long. I have been a diabetic since 2006. I weigh 210 I am 5'6, I want to lose weight and do my best to bring down my A1c

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Glucerna 2014-11-11 21:59:52 -0600 Report

It's great that you're taking the first step by being honest with yourself about diabetes, and that you're thinking about possible changes you can make to reach your goals of weight loss and lowering your A1c. Sometimes the first change is the most daunting, and once you get over that hurdle it will become easier to make more changes. You might find it helpful to make a list of changes you want to consider, and then pick one to start with. Talking with a certified diabetes educator or attending a diabetes education class will also give you information on changes you can make. Let us know what you decide to do, and you'll find a lot of support and encouragement here. ~Lynn @Glucerna

vensa 2014-11-11 07:41:06 -0600 Report

Surprisingly and in my experience, I feel less tired after work while I exercise. The trick here is simple - when you exercise, your BG levels to normal and hence feel more energised because your body and the organs are not stressed and over-worked to deal with those extra sugar in the blood stream. Try for a few days to start with… All the best!

lilleyheidi 2014-11-11 02:43:21 -0600 Report

like James said, you are making self defeating statements, you need to try to change your attitude a tiny bit, and say I CAN.
Can you park your car a bit further from the entrance from work? Take the stairs instead of the elevator? Walk around the building twice during lunch break? Every little bit counts, don't look at having to do an hour at once, or even thirty minutes at one time, just try to increase your activity by small amounts every day.
Changing your eating habits is incredibly important, lowering your carb count, like James said, talk to a dietician, your doctor can make that referral for you.
I have over 100 lbs to lose and it is just one lb at a time, one step at a time, you CAN do it. Good for you for wanting to make the changes, message me anytime if you want to talk. Heidi

jayabee52 2014-11-11 02:26:35 -0600 Report

Howdy Mich

You make a couple of self defeating statements in your post and the title.

I believe you CAN affect your A1c and your weight simply by what you eat and don't eat.

I am also 5'6" and weighed at one point about 250 lbs.

I started an experiment about 3 + yrs ago to manage my T 2 diabetes solely through what I ate and refused to eat. I ate a high protein low (not no) carb eating plan. I was able to discontinue my twice daily injections of NPH insulin, Keep my BG (blood glucose) levels in the "normal" range (80 ti 130 mg/dl), achieve an A1c of 5.5 and lost 65 lbs over the course of 5 mo.

I recorded my experiment in a discussion at about the same time and I share it with anyone who is interested. So if you ask, I will send you the link so you can take a look at it.

God's best to you