Diabetes Awareness Month

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CDiabetes.com, home of the Costco Online Diabetes Magazine, is hosting a #DiabetesChat via twitter party with some great prizes for people with diabetes. Visit: http://cdiabetes.com/diabeteschat-twitter-par....

Have an Iphone? Visit us at iphonediabetes.com.

Prizes are:

(1) A Microlife® Deluxe Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, with Advanced blood pressure AVERAGING technology. It is available exclusively at Costco for $39.99. A similar model with the same features would sell for up to $100.

(10) Bottles of trunature® Advanced Strength CinSulin®, 170 Capsules

(10) Copies of The Popular 2015 CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter by Allan Borushek, Registered Dietitian.

(10) Portable smart phone chargers for all phones, sponsored by trunature®

(2) Costco Gift Cards worth $50.00, sponsored by trunature®

(20) Colgate Total Advanced Whitening TP tubes + 360 Toothbrushes

This discussion is sponsored by CDiabetes @cdiabetesinfo and the @DiabetesINFL and will be co-hosted by Erin Palinski Wade @DietExpertNJ and Maureen Sullivan @MaureenSRN, and Esti Berkowitz @primetimeparent.

Please join the conversation via twitter and use the #DiabetesChat hashtag.

Join the party from 8pm EST-9pm EST on Wednesday, November 12.

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haoleboy 2014-11-10 14:52:08 -0600 Report

do you need to be a Costco member to qualify for the prizes???
… and why are you spamming all the diabetes forums with links to the Costco diabetes site (which seems heavier on advertising than meaningful content)?


hjeanpat71 2014-11-10 15:04:32 -0600 Report

No you do not need to be a member. I am not spamming diabetes forums. My son was newly diagnosed in March, and we have been through a lot. I am just trying to help other people find information that may help them. I know when we first found out he had Type 1 Diabetes I longed for answers to many questions. Pens, Vials, or the pump? I had no idea what AC1 meant or why it was even important. I have found that the Costco site had good information, and thought I would share.