Fruits- are they high or low sugar????

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This is an easy way to sort different fruits by their relative sugar content. Here's the link:

I say this on Facebook and thought it was worth sharing…especially with the upcoming holiday season when many of us eat out more and may not have our carb guides handy.

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GabbyPA 2014-11-08 17:51:23 -0600 Report

One thing that also affects the sugar is how ripe a fruit is. I like my fruit before it's ripe in most cases and that is helpful, as the sugars are lower. Also cooked and canned fruits can be higher due to the heating process. So fresh fruits are always a better choice.

jayabee52 2014-11-08 11:45:08 -0600 Report

Thanks for sharing this Lou.

Unfortunately for me and all the other kidney patients sugar content of the fruits is not the only thing we must consider. We have to consider whether the fruit is high medium or low in potassium or phosphorus. For us, the lower the better.

I am sure other diseases may have similar restrictions.


Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-11-08 18:54:59 -0600 Report

James you also have to look at the medication you are taking. I have a new blood pressure medication and I can't have fruits high in potassium. The pharmacist told me to stay away from all salt substitutes. I asked if I could use Mediterranean Sea Salt and he said that was okay to use.

jayabee52 2014-11-08 22:58:24 -0600 Report

JJ that is another thing which is restricted for me is sodium of any kind. (sea salt is just a fancy name for salt which is sodium)

That is due to having thirst when eating things with salt on or in them. I have been having trouble with coming in to dialysis having consumed too much water in the past 36 hrs. That can cause problems with breathing and with my heart if I get too much liquid in me.

I am slightly surprised that your pharmicist said you could consume salt as salt often results in water gain and high BP.

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