Giant Microbes Introduce Beta Cells

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I got turned on to these silly little plush toys several years ago. I own some brain cells (never know when I will need one) LOL
Anyway, in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, they have introduced the Beta Cell. with a zipper pouch and a plastic insulin molecule inside. Great gift idea for kids especially.

I have bought these to cheer up people in all kinds of ways.
My mom donates blood, so she has a red blood cell
My step daughter gets one every year, so she has the book worm (she likes to read), flu, rhinovirus and lots more. She collects them
I sent a cancer one to my friend because it turns inside out. One way it's ugly cancer and inside out, it's a healthy cell.
You can get ebola without the worry
They even have computer viruses!

Check them out, they are really cute.

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GabbyPA 2014-11-10 06:15:34 -0600 Report

My step daughter had MRSA earlier this year, so I am getting her that one for a stocking stuffer this year. I have another friend undergoing bone marrow transplant, and I might get the bone cells for her. You can get really creative with them, and they are kind of cute.

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