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I am a major cola addict. But now having Diabetes 2 is complicating matters! LOL Anyway, I've done A LOT of research and have tried many types and brands of Stevia. Sweet Leaf products, at least for me, taste the best and are completely natural with no additives, aspertame, etc.

Other than Amazon.com, is there a cheaper place to buy the Sweet Leaf Wisdom Cola Drops? The cola drops which are NOT wisdom, do not taste good. It has to be Cola Wisdom Drops.

My recipe:
8 ounces seltzer water
5-10 cola drops (to taste)
Stir and add ice! :)

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jayabee52 2014-11-02 00:11:43 -0500 Report

Howdy Spiritscript
Have you placed this recipe in the recipe section of this website so that when someone wants to find it, it will be available?

It would be great if you would