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Its like this prior to being diognosed with t2 diabeties i was quite driven by work- to put it bluntly i was a workaholic, however lately i have thought of all times ive gone home stressed, hungry after missing meals, today is the start of the rest of my life as i see it, Applied for a second job as a way of making extra cash, they offered me a shift at lower rate currently paid for more work and un needed stress, myself for 1st time in long time told the company the cash offered was a f***king insult to my wealth of experience. Emailed them and told them i didnt want job. Do i feel good , you could say that as realised that to quote whitney Houston " learning to love yourself is greatest love of all" me and my health need to last for long term. any good self help books or retreats in uk.

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GabbyPA 2014-10-31 01:40:04 -0500 Report

Finding a job we enjoy is way more of a blessing than just making money. Don't get me wrong, making money is part of what we have to do, but when you find that sweet spot of balance it's great. Making money with less stress is a miracle when you find it.

I used to work insane hours too, still kind of do, but it's under my control now, not the boss...well, since I am the boss I guess that's not 100% true. LOL I recall in an interview once, the man said that usually as you change jobs the pay rate goes up, not down. Sad, but true. But somethings are not worth the money. If the job is killing you emotionally and financially, it's time to make that change. Good for you.

It took the recession to get me to finally work for myself and even though it's harder is many ways, the reward is so much more.

jayabee52 2014-10-30 23:50:42 -0500 Report

Or, Andy, in the immortal words of Johnny Paycheck: "Take this job and shove it"

I kinda destroyed what little health I had left by working insane hours as well.
I did it so I could pay for my child support. But I had some ministrokes which on 12/15/2005 which disabled me and led about 1 yr later to my kidney failure and dialysis.

I pray you haven't gotten to the point where your health is compromised like mine.


andy1979 2014-11-01 01:03:22 -0500 Report

Thanks for your reply, thankfully no kids . i have always had an idealistic view of world that we all can make a difference, my job in many ways you have to show compassion to others, however lately i have thought that by caring too much be it the job, family or friends my physical health has suffered, hence why i have taken a load of leave this week to reevaluate my life at this time. fact is my life isnt a dress rehearsal. sorry to hear of your health difficulties , i hope you have the support network needed.

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