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May as well admit this but despite being a diabetic for over 2 months i still like a diet coke with ice, i drink tons of water and eat sugar free losenges to counteract the constant thirst . My thing is i work in a stressful job that has wacky hours , make sure food breaks are a must, however when stressed i do feel dizzy and have to slow down. not one to dwell on condition but my question is when working or in challenging situations how do people start to relax ?

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-10-26 19:28:11 -0500 Report

I thrive in challenging situations. However, I take mental breaks to keep from having stress. For instance right now in my head I am on a beach totally relaxing. I learned years ago not to allow a job to stress me out. Work stays at work. I use to work shift work. No matter what happened my boss would call me at 8:30 in the morning. It got to the point I told her not to call me before 10 am. I also stopped taking work home and no matter what happened at work if it did not directly effect me doing my job and completing assignments, I was not involved with it.

Thirst is a sign of uncontrolled diabetes. Talk to your doctor and a registered dietitian to help you get back on track. To relax, I listen to music, watch a good movies, play games on facebook or just sit back and do absolutely nothing. Good luck to you.

Type1Lou 2014-10-26 15:57:17 -0500 Report

You mention constant thirst. Thirst and frequent urination are symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes because your body is trying to get rid of the excess sugar in your blood through urination. How are you doing getting your blood sugars under control? Are you counting your carbs? Do you know how many carbs you are currently eating per day? By cutting back on your daily carb intake, you should get better BG readings as well as lose weight. It will probably require a changing of your eating habits. Once you gain control over your BG's, that should alleviate the thirst. Food is one of the factors that is totally within your power to control. The stress from your job as well as the wacky hours may also cause spikes in your BG and you may have less control over those.. I'm retired now, but when I did work, my workday was frequently 10 to 12 hours long. Learn as much as you can about what causes your blood sugar to rise. Diabetes can be controlled with the right decisions.

jayabee52 2014-10-26 15:50:16 -0500 Report

Howdy Andy
When I am faced with a stressful situation, I take some time to go to my most favorite place and think about being there. My go to place is a mountain meadow near Beaver, Utah with a creek running through it. I listen to the babbling brook and hear the wind caressing the tall pine trees.

A few minutes in my "secret place" will calm me down and help me to get on with what I need to do

I also take the time to pray to my God and He helps me as well.

God's best to you


andy1979 2014-10-27 04:31:27 -0500 Report

sounds lovely to do , unfortunately my favorite place is a country pub half hr away from house . been there once since diognosis and not had alcohol which i know is helping. As for changes to diet they have been done quite quick by me. do need to take time out and look after my physical and spiritual self .

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