what is ok sugar levels?

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Last night while at work, my boss got worried and sat me down and had me test my sugar. The first one read 86, a few seconds she did it again and it read 96, and a few seconds later it read 107. During this time my face was looking pail and i felt very weird. I was told to drink lots of water and when i did i felt much better. 6 hours later same feeling started happening how even it went from 110 to 85 in seconds. So I drank orange juice, and water did not know what to do. but later felt better. Is this normal?

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DiabetesSuperGrl 2014-10-19 14:50:10 -0500 Report

Depends on the meter you were using. Unfortunately, the FDA does not regulate the calibration for blood glucose meters. I have my regular meter that reads with a +/- deviation of 10. I have another meter that I keep in my purse that has a +/-deviation of close to 30. Your numbers are all well within range. However, if you are used to sugars running much higher, those lower numbers will at first make you pale and shaky. The more you get used to having those lower numbers, the more it will start to go the other direction, where you will feel the highs way more than you do the lower numbers. Just be careful when treating the lower numbers that you don't try to over do it on taking in sugar.

oink66 2014-10-19 03:52:29 -0500 Report

Depends on if what type diabetes you are? Since you didn't mention I'm assuming that you are a 2, guessing.
For Me On Metformin 1000mgs @ 2 × a day.
80's are my best friend's. I feel great : )
2 hours after meals readings should be between 130's - 160's after meals is normal (per) my type 2 diabetic nurse class teachings.
When I allow myself to dip into the 75 range my diabetic nurse and physician have a hissy fit saying that(s) too low but I absolutely love it. Then when I'm in the higher 160's- 160's I feel sluggish/heavier.

jayabee52 2014-10-18 23:08:06 -0500 Report

Howdy RRB

you are blessed to have a boss who is so caring about your well being

The numbers you posted are nothing about which to be concerned. They are all well within the "normal" range with a PWD (person with diabetes)

One thing you may not know about meters is according to the FDA, the acceptable error range may be +/- 10%. This means that if your actual BG level is 100 mg/dl your reading may be 90 or perhaps 110 and still be acceptable.

Also our BG levels fluxuate all the time. and when we take a reading on our meter, we take a "snapshot" of a moment in time regarding our BG level. So perhaps something like that was happening with your BG dropping within seconds.

If you had had a high BG level for a while, sometimes when we come down to more "normal" ranges we feel like we may be having a hypo when we're really not. My late wife had these, usually in the middle of the night.

I bet the OJ tasted good (I know I would enjoy it),, but from what you shared with us regarding your BG readings, it was really not necessary.

Since you felt better after drinking the OJ, I strongly suspect that it was a false hypo going on with you, as it brought your BG back up towards the level that it had been. Did you take a reading of your BG level after you drank the OJ?

It is "normal" insofar as other people have experienced the same.

Praying you get stabilized and will find better health


rrbslb 2014-10-19 18:23:53 -0500 Report

no, i did not take a test after drinking the oj. They think I am type one diabetic. The boss, it my neighbor, best friend and has a father with diabetes. This is all to new to me, I am still learning. I am waiting on a nutritionist to get back to me in hopes to help me regulate me sugar.