One Touch Ultra 2 & One Touch Ultra Mini Test Strips - Too Expensive

By Frndawg Latest Reply 2014-10-24 11:50:13 -0500
Started 2014-10-18 14:31:21 -0500

I have no insurance & live in California
Evan at Walmart 20 go for $25 - $30
Pharmacy Card is no help.

Should I buy a different meter with cheaper strips?
Or does anyone know of any assistance or programs out there.

Thanks in advance.

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Karyn Seiders
Karyn Seiders 2014-10-24 11:50:13 -0500 Report

I started with One Touch and yes the strips are crazy expensive. My insurance doesn't cover strips so I buy my own. I have tried Relion, the Walmart brand, and they are a little better. Currently I am using the True Test monitor I got from my diabetes educator. I buy my strips on Ebay for about $20 for 50 with shipping. You have to buy the strips online though - I haven't found them in stores. Sometimes there are really good deals on them. Ask your diabetes educator and explain that you can't afford expensive strips.

haoleboy 2014-10-18 16:10:11 -0500 Report

I use a Reli On Prime meter from Walmart. Meter is about $15 and strips are $9.00 per 100. As accurate as any other meter I've used.


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