Who is better for diabeties? An MD or a Endocrinologist?

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Type 2 Diabeties

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LRD 2014-10-20 09:46:55 -0500 Report

Thanks for the info. Now I need to convince someone to refer me. My MD will not. I need to know of one in Birmingham, AL

Littlesister56 2014-10-19 18:14:16 -0500 Report

First off my GP didn't seem to want to believe I had diabetes as he in the past actually told me a glucose result on blood work I had done which was 237 was not significant, he actually wrote it on the copy of test I asked for. I had heart attack on the day I was diagnosed and frankly my GP was so lucky I did not try to sue him cause I would have won. I was diabetic when pregnant and he knew that, he also basically handed me a prescription for Amaryl and a sheet of paper with a diet plan for diabetic, told me if test came out diabetic to take pills, that was all. Went home had a heart attack. First Endo I went to was extremely unfriendly and not very forthcoming with advice etc. his nurse was more informative. The dietician they had me see turned out to be a unemployed doctor who was sitting in a rm the size of a closet and she she was waiting for me to tell her things, she offered nothing. Then I found a Endo who I have seen now for 15 yrs, he is wonderful, informative, caring and always to his ability, available, his CDE was fantastic and his nurse wonderful and very helpful. This Endo has gone above and beyond kept me as a pt even when they stopped taking my ins co. other pts. I could go on and on, If ever there was a nomination for incredible human being you have ever known, he would be my choice. So my vote is for Endocrinologist to take care of my diabetes.

DiabetesSuperGrl 2014-10-18 10:48:04 -0500 Report

My PCP is nowhere near equipt to handle my diabetes management. In fact, I'm close to getting rid of her because of it. She often likes to prescribe things that raise my blood sugars and then I spend weeks fighting and arguing with her about it. My endocrinologist has a much better handle on such things and tries to help keep my PCP in check.

Type1Lou 2014-10-17 14:17:09 -0500 Report

When I retired to Florida in 2005, I started letting my PCP handle my diabetes. I had previously been seeing an endocrinologist up north. I began experiencing severe hypos in 2009 with my A1c's creeping up into the 7's; my PCP kept increasing my Lantus dosage and advised me to decrease my mealtime Novolog bolus dosage. (His advice about the bolus insulin did not seem right to me.) In August 2010, while on vacation in Idaho, my husband was unable to wake me up because my blood sugar was so low. He injected me with glucagon which brought me back to consciousness and immediately drove me to the local ER in Pocatello. They admitted me for testing because I was slow in coming out of the hypo and they wanted to be certain I hadn't suffered a stroke. It was ONLY a severe hypoglycemic reaction. I was discharged the next day and we immediately returned back home to Florida, never making it to our Yellowstone destination. I saw my PCP soon after and explained what had happened. he PCP advised me to continue doing what he had prescribed for me. At that point, I knew it was time for me to make a change and I sought out an endocrinologist, even though I had to travel over an hour to get there. The endo actually reduced my Lantus by 25% and re-educated me about bolus insulin and carb counting. Had I continued seeing my PCP for me diabetes, I don't think I would be alive today. Long story short…I vote for the endo!

lilleyheidi 2014-10-17 01:45:33 -0500 Report

My MD referred me to an Endo to manage my diabetes. I see her once every 3 months and call in between if there are any major changes in my BG levels. For any other issues, i check in with my MD, and she keeps in close contact with my Endo. I'm glad I'm seeing an Endo now.

jayabee52 2014-10-16 22:35:29 -0500 Report

Howdy LRD

To me, it is a no brainer. It is the "endo", hands down! They what it takes to manage your diabetes, if they are into the study of the pancreas.

My late wife had one of those. I did not, only had a PCP or a GP for my diabetes care.

I did at one time have a endo for my thyroid (endos are all about study of our glandular system not merely one's pancreas). She was mostly concerned about a "nodule" on my thyroid. She was concerned that it could be cancerous. Fortunately for me it wasn't.

Back to the topic: an endo is superior to a regular MD, especially if you have a complicated case of diabetes (like my late wife did). And I believe them necessary for the care of T 1s.

God's best to you