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I'm new to this learning curve and the diagnosis had come after a week of being in hospital and a review of oral intake, bsl monitoring and output. What monitor do I buy ? How do I loose weight ?

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Glucerna 2014-10-15 16:25:36 -0500 Report

Excellent information from Joyce! It sounds like you might have talked with diabetes educators while you were in the hospital. Perhaps you have a follow-up appointment with them? Or you can ask your doctor for a referral to a diabetes education program so that you can learn more about diabetes and get answers to your questions. ~Lynn @Glucerna

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-10-14 20:05:07 -0500 Report

Welcome to the DC Family. There are a lot of monitors on the market. I have several but use only one. If you are referring to meters, I have an Accu-chek. You can buy them at Walmart. The thing is monitors are cheap. Strips are expensive based on the meter you have. Talk to a pharmacist who will help you choose one that you think you will like.

Being newly diagnosed, ask your doctor to refer you to a certified dietitian who with your help can develop a meal plan for you. Ask your doctor how many carbs you can have per meal. This will help with meal planning and weight loss.

I count carbs and calories to lose weight and I add exercise daily. My doctor put me on a 1200 calorie diet, I lowered it to 1000 calories. I can have 60 carbs per meal. I lowered that also. I had to find what works for me and I stick with it unless I feel the need to change it.

Diabetes is not a one size fits all disease. It is not the same for everyone. What works for me may not work for you. Since it can be different, you have to do some research on your own, make a list of questions you to take with you to your doctor. Ask the questions and get answers.

The one thing I don't do is take medical advice from anyone who is not a part of my medical team for the simple reason, they know my medical history. Scroll through this site, there is tons of information including recipes. Don't be afraid to try new things and no matter what, keep moving forward.

Good luck to you.