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Hey guys! My biggest concern now is how healthy my body is not with just my diabetes but with my eating habits and my weight, I'm quite a small person but ever since I was diagnosed I've been a little bit bigger, I feel like I'm wasting so much money on the gym and personal trainers! Does anyone have any tips for better weight control and eating habits?!

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Howdy Pip

I believe you nailed your problem when you say "eating habits". Many folks who inject or use insulin often will eat too many carbs and then bolus their normal dose to take care of the overage of carbs and the elevated BG (blood glucose) which comes with it. When one injects extra insulin, it opens all cells but when the regular cells are full up then the fat cells take up the additional glucose for storage for later use.

That is the purpose fat cells. It used to serve a good purpose when our food supply was erratic, but now that humanity has a food supply which is steady, it works against us.

One needs to stop over eating and needing to inject more insulin to cover the additional glucose. What you may need to lose the excess weight is to go on a meal plan which induces the ketogenic (fat burning) state in your body, and then maintain with a low carb, high protein meal plan, like adkins or others.

My girlfriend has lost 70 lbs on Adkins, and I have lost 65 on a meal plan of my own design (available upon request).

Praying success upon your weight loss

James .

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