Medtronic 530G w/ enlite or t:slim

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So after just a short few months of being diabetic, my dr. has already given me the okay to get a pump! I am 17 years old and was diagnosed JUNE 18, 2014. it's been almost four months since I was diagnosed. when first admitted into the hospital my A1C was 17.4(Yikes!) but after my first checkup appointment my A1C has come down to a 5.9! Doctor said because my A1C is better than suggested, and I am old enough and responsible enough I can get a pump! My parents and I are looking. at two in particular, the Medtronic 530g with enlite sensor and the new t:slim. Both seem great, but I'd like to know how actual people feel about them, rather than just the website that just say how great they are( and that isn't always true!)
if anyone is willing to share with me their experiences with either that would be greatly appreciated!


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Silicone eyes
Silicone eyes 2014-10-09 17:21:44 -0500 Report

I am in the Tslim, with no CGM and I love it. It's the only pump I have ever had, so I can't compare it to anything else. They are supposed to be linking up with a cgm, from what I have heard, I believe the Dexcom. Any pump is great, but I would not switch from Tslim. I would be changing sites a little sooner than 72 hours if it wasn't for the 3 mL capacity. Best of luck.

Type1Lou 2014-10-09 15:55:41 -0500 Report

Hi Kayla! I belong to a Medtronic website and have asked some of the people there who use the 530G with Enlite to share their experiences with you by giving them a link to this discussion. I'm using an older model Medtronic Minimed Revel 523 pump because Medicare (I'm obviously way older than you are) doesn't cover the Enlite CGM, otherwise, I would upgrade to the 530G with Enlite since I've only heard really good things about it. Please share with us what you finally decide upon.

KaylaCarroll 2014-10-09 15:16:27 -0500 Report

when first admitted they were in high 500's.. around 560. we are meeting with a rep from medtronics this weekend. she said she is pretty sure the pump and sensor will be covered by the insurance we have but its not 100% yet. we were thinking if we can't get the sensor than try the t:slim..

jayabee52 2014-10-09 16:08:29 -0500 Report

Howdy Kayla
Yes the insurance cos are the fly in the ointment. Make sure you are 100% covered with the sensor and the supplies. It is a unfortunate fact of life that company reps get paid for reeling the "big fish" (customers) in and sometimes they tell little fibs (and sometimes real whoppers). You will want to have your parents check out your insurance company reps for clarification of what the insurance will and will not cover. Can't just go by a glorified salesman's suppositions ("pretty sure . . . ")

Praying you get the answers you need


Chris Clement
Chris Clement 2014-10-09 14:51:40 -0500 Report

17.4? Whoa! What was your BG reading? Mine was in the 700s.

Medtronic seems to be the classic 'tried & true' option as they have been around forever. But I would love to use a T-Slim. Reviews indicate that it is a little more difficult to refill and such, but the interface is awesome. The two more common preferences seem to be the Animas Ping and the Omnipod. I use the Animas Ping and LOVE it.

One VERY important thing to keep in mind is what your insurance will cover. Make sure you get one that they will cover well and that the supplies associated are covered as well.