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Can you guys offer some suggestions about what to do when you're quitting smoking, INSTEAD of replacing it with eating? I've been mowing a box of Pop Tarts a day pretty much for a week!! HELP!!!

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Anonymous 2009-05-14 21:26:55 -0500 Report

I quit in 1977 when I was smoking three packs a day of low tar and nicotine cigarettes. I used the 12 step approach, kept a rubber band around my wrist to play with to keep fingers busy, and took lots of extra warm baths because someone told me that helped the body get rid of nicotine through the body's pores - detox assistance, if you will. I don't know if there is any scientific basis to this theory, but I did it even though I hate baths. I lost weight while I was quitting because I could finally breathe and I was more active than when I was sitting around getting bronchitis from puffing on those 3 packs per day. It took me three attempts (two relapses) before I quit in 1977 and stayed "stopped". I encourage EVERYONE to keep trying. It is one of the best things I ever did for myself to quit.

cyncyn 2009-05-13 08:18:56 -0500 Report

Cig butts in a jar, huh? That just may work!! It couldn't hurt. YUKE!! I may just try it. Thanks Legs

lipsie 2009-05-12 21:34:12 -0500 Report

I am not at the point of quitting YET but working my way there, and getting ideas just like you…the cig butt jar, ewwww lol, but maybe just maybe!! lol good one though! Good luck though hun! Love yassss Sheila

2009-05-12 21:20:15 -0500 Report

A friend of mine told me something that helped her, put cigarette butts in a jar, add alittle water, and screw the lid on. Then, when you want a smoke, open the jar and take a whiff, you'll never want a smoke again!!

Thank you everyone who puts hints on here, I will be tracking this discussion, you can bet on that!!!

cyncyn 2009-05-12 00:03:01 -0500 Report

This is also my problem too. I have some luck, with holding celery sticks in my hand. It's like it is substituting the cigarette and also the crunch helps.
kicking the habit is not only nicatine, but the habit of holding something between our fingers! carrot sticks also work well.

mamaoak 2009-05-11 13:26:29 -0500 Report

well when you feel the urge go and do something like walking out side . clean a cuboard eat some cellery have a stick of string cheese or diet jellow drink lots o water it will flush you system of nicatien. run from the pop tarts. hope this helps and only bye heathy foods. dont bye junk if you have it you will eat it.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-05-11 12:35:15 -0500 Report

OK, I've never quit myself but I've helped a couple of friends quit. Judy's suggestions are right on the mark. Something to munch on and put in your hands really helps.

Especially be aware of times when it's as much the habit as the cravings—like talking on the phone or driving in the car. Have a small ziploc bag of baby carrots and celery ready for those moments.

Also, load up on vitamin C. That seemed to really help.

And depending on how it affects your blood sugar, about 6 oz. of unsweetened grapefruit juice first thing in the morning. Something about replacing the normal cigarette taste with a strong healthy flavor seemed to make a difference.

Anyway, don't know if those really will help. But they seemed to help a couple of my friends.

2009-05-10 20:55:09 -0500 Report

Oh how I can relate to that!! I tried not to overeat when I was quitting and found that I just gravitated toward food naturally. So rather than fight two battles I made sure I had crunchy snacks available. Baby carrots, celery, apples etc.. I don't know why the crunch helps but it does. Fill up on good stuff and stop buying the poptarts!!! LOL


2009-05-11 16:15:46 -0500 Report

You know I can't help you Joyce :-) I will track this for when I turn into a brave girl like you and Judy! Congratulations on stopping, I'm proud of you! Hugs friend, Angie

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