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Started 2014-09-26 14:46:01 -0500

Hi Everyone,
I had a doctor appointment today to get the results of my glucose test, and the diagnosis was just as my new primary doctor thought, I have type 2 diabetes. The reality of this is not what I expected. I have been tested by previous doctors over the last three years for a variety of pain and numbness and at no time was there ever any mention of diabetes. I am so glad I finally decided to change doctors. My new dr. Told me that many of the problems I have been experiencing could possibly be in relation to my diabetes. I am flabbergasted at this point, wondering why my former primary doctor or my former nerurologist did not connect the dots after review all of the same type of test my new primary doctor had done! Fortunately for me no damage has been done to my kidneys.

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healthy412c 2014-10-03 09:57:08 -0500 Report

That is a good thing that you have a competent doctor and that he or she found out what the problem is. Now you can move forward with confidence. We are here for you!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2014-09-28 18:30:13 -0500 Report

Hey MaxieFo,

Nice to meet you. And welcome to Diabetic Connect. I am glad you found your way to us!

I often hear stories that are similar to yours. It's always a mystery to me how some doctors will connect the dots, as you said so well, while others don't.

What's important right now is to work closely with your current doctor to take the best care of yourself. It's good to know you don't have any kidney damage. I encourage you to get educated on Type II to learn as much as you can about what you can do to stay as healthy as possible.

You have come to the right place to share experiences, get new ideas, and get support for the emotions that may come up along the way.

So stay in touch with us, my friend!


keeperofthestars 2014-09-27 09:59:58 -0500 Report

I too have diabetes two unfortunately for me the diagnosis is not good I'm on dialysis three times a week four hours and fifteen minutes per session. And my kidneys are shot. Please pray for me.

MaxieFo 2014-09-27 13:26:00 -0500 Report

keeperofthestars, very sorry to hear that your diagnosis is not good. I will keep you in my prayers!

Sherly800 2014-09-27 01:10:23 -0500 Report

It must have been a great relieve to know that there is no damage on your kidneys. I'm still puzzled as to why doctors still give different diagnosis results and when my aunt was having this problem, that's when I decided to educate myself and my family on diabetes to understand what it is all about. I was reading a lot to see what different sources say. Don't Mess With Your sugar, Honey by Dr. Zilber helped a lot in understanding diabetes better. At least I know I could trust sources from a doctor through his book because consulting doctors can be very frustrating at times. Good luck !

Type1Lou 2014-09-27 13:58:26 -0500 Report

Sherly, you've touted "Dr Zilber's" e-pubs in several discussions. Outside of the "fact" that Dr Zilber claims to be an endocrinologist, why am I unable to find any information about what degrees he/she has?…where were they obtained?… what professional affliliations he/she has?…where he or she practices or works or teaches?

MaxieFo 2014-09-27 13:23:02 -0500 Report

Sherly800, yes it is great to know that there is no damage to my kidneys. I think doctors tend to give different diagnosis for many reasons. Some do not want to commit to a diagnosis for fear of being wrong, others probably do not care enough about their clients to actually take the time to correctly review the results of lab work or really listen to what the client is saying. For those reasons it is important for each of us to educate ourselves about our disease. Good luck to you too!

Glucerna 2014-09-26 16:59:05 -0500 Report

It sounds like working with your new doctor is going to be really helpful for you. Even though you didn't expect this diagnosis, now you have a plan and can move forward. ~Lynn @Glucerna

rolly123 2014-09-26 15:59:12 -0500 Report

Welcome MaxieFo
I'm glad u know now that u t2 it's now u can treat it before gets worst and maybe would been kidney if u didn't know and let go I detective !!
Do u like u new dr and what treatment u doing? Have any question this is site for it!

MaxieFo 2014-09-27 12:59:09 -0500 Report

Thanks rolly123. Yes I like my new primary doctor and I am impressed with her as well. During my first visit I did not mention to her that I have a heart murmur because I thoiught it was gone since none of my former doctors ever mentioned it. However, as soon as she listened to my heart she immediately said "you have a heart murmur". I knew at that point that she was going to be a good doctor for me and I am right. It frightens me to think about what would have eventually happend to me if I would not have changed doctors.

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