One Bad Apple

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Started 2014-09-26 09:18:50 -0500

Those of you who are techies and love your gadgets that were looking forward to Apples "Smart Watch" that was being teased and speculated it might offer glucose monitoring… It does not.

Much to the dismay of many Apple devotees. Their app also doesn't seem to carry any glucose motioning or tracking either. So maybe next year…after they figure out the "Smart Bend" and "Smart Wave" issues with their new phones.

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AppreciateIt 2014-11-17 19:03:42 -0600 Report

I just recently started using the Health app more, which is why I found this app today while combing for diabetes apps that would work with it. I chose mySugr today and I really like it so far, there's some 'gamification' aspects to it, similar to the Carrot Fit all that Chuck mentioned. I am loving all 3 of the Carrot apps btw.

I chose mySugr because it works with the Health app, however, my understanding is they have temporarily removed blood sugar values from the Health app in October because Aussies and UK users use a different unit value than US users and it was creating a tracking problem for some people. They said it is supposed to be remedied soon and that the data you keep in the blood sugar apps itself will not be lost and will be imported right into it once they restore this tracking feature.

Chuck Fisher
Chuck Fisher 2014-09-27 00:01:53 -0500 Report

Apple has announced "HealthKit" which allows apps that provide health and fitness services to share their data with the new Health app and with each other. A user’s health information is stored in a centralized and secure location and the user decides which data should be shared with your app.

In addition to FitPort and MyFitnessPal, a few more app updates with HealthKit support have become available on the App Store: WebMD, Carrot Fit, FitStar Personal Trainer and Yummly.

The Mayo Clinic is one of the collaborators that has been announced. We will have to wait and see about new devices like GCMs that will be able to transmit data to the Health app (which is FREE).

Bug - 14465
Bug - 14465 2014-09-26 10:54:04 -0500 Report

Have a he IPhone 6Plus, am loving it! As for it bending there have been 9 confirmed cases…maybe people need to invest in good cases or belt cases rather than sticking expensive phones in their pockets lol. Either way after nearly 30 years of diabetes I really dont need to depend on a smart watch nor phone for diabetic help so I guess I'm safe.