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OK, I need help, I had one DR tell me I was pre diabetic gave me a script for testing supplies until I could get into see my Family DR which I was hoping would be sometime in the next few weeks. Well yesterday a friend of mine had a pool party, I went, before I left I had eaten breakfast and before I left the house which was about 40 minutes after eating, my BS was 264… It took me about 40 minutes to get to her house, and when I got there, I check my level again cause her hubby is full blown diabetic.. When I checked it again it was still 264. She had made a comment about going to the ER and I said no, we were going to get into the pool.. *I had my daughter with me and wasn't going to spoil her day* Well we went swimming, had fun.. Came home, we went to get something to eat. After eating, my BS shot to 275 about a hour later she panic and called 911 well I had eaten a chocolate pie before she called, and by the time they got there it was a little under 200 I think like 187. They told me I was fine But they said I could go into the ER with them or I could go in on my own. So I decided to go in on my own.

When I got there they checked it, and it was now 138 this was two hours or more after eating.

Well this is my problem… I got back to a room, and long and behold I got MY family Dr.. Which normally I am thrilled about. Although here is my problem. He told me that its *normal* for BS to spike up to 275 even as late as a hour and half sometimes two hours later, it was fine. When I told him I was getting high numbers after eating, he said that was normal, since he has already tested me and all the test seemed fine.. I said no, you haven't done the glucose test, he said yes I have I do it every time.. I said no, not the fasting two hour.. He said no this is true, but since my blood work for the last six months has been between 80 and 113 he said he isnt worried about me and my BS.

So now what do I do? He is my family DR and normally I adore him.. He has always treated me right. But I am worried if my BS keep sky rocketing that one day I am going to hurt myself or worse my daughter. I dont want to go out to lunch and have it spike and be driving and end up not being able to control my car cause I am shaking to bad or my head up up killing me.

Is he right? Is it (normal) for people who aren't diabetic to have BS to spike like mine are, and then drop? I have figured out, that chocolate will cause it to drop I learned that for sure, someone told me about it and they were right, although I didnt know any kind of chocolate would do it.

Thanks, and Hope all the moms have a wonderful Mother's Day

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Mom and boys
Mom and boys 2009-05-13 13:29:35 -0500 Report

Also what kind of diet are you on? While tracking you numbers keep a food journal. I will help to see what food spike you and what foods keep you normal.

lipsie 2009-05-12 21:15:29 -0500 Report

I agree, take a good record of things for a week to ten days OR second opinion! You do have a good reason to be concerned, but in knowing this you also have to recognize the types of things that will spike your sugars so seeking a dietiatian to best understand the carb counting and that chocolate will not shoot your sugar down! There's so much to learn its quite overwhelming actually, I am learning myself and have been a Diabetic for years. And I did learn for sure in this post is that it is NOT normal for someone's sugar to go that high if they are not a Diabetic … I have wondered on that note, didn't think so but wasn't sure. Thanks for the info ya all, and good luck you and if you ever wanna talk just msg me! *hugs* Love yasssssssssss Sheila

SkipT 2009-05-12 16:45:04 -0500 Report

Doctors have a tendency to use the fasting blood glucose number as a standard. Think about it for a minute. Usually this test is done after not eating for 10 to 12 hours. I think this is one of the reasons most people tend to test normal. I actually think they should have blood drawn two hours after eating for a more accurate test.
My fasting number was 105. Really not bad. But I took the glucose test and 1 hour after drinking the test liquid I was at 285. Two hours later I was at 385! Now that is the test to have done.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-05-12 14:48:25 -0500 Report

Your doctor is wrong. It is not normal for a non-diabetic to see a blood sugar spike of 275 no matter what they ate.

Also, whoever told you that chocolate will bring down your blood sugar was also wrong. There are some "healthy" chocolate people out there who sell some very dark chocolate that is low in sugar and supposedly has some antioxidants in it that are supposed to help. But 99.9% of chocolate out there is loaded with sugar and will cause your blood sugar to sky rocket. And chocolate pie is even worse with sugar and carbs in the crust plus whipped cream. Yikes.

So here are the numbers I think you need to track carefully for the next little while: Test first thing in the morning before you eat anything. Test before each meal. Test 2 hours after each meal. Test right before bed. After you have 10 days or so worth of tests, you should see your doctor and show him the numbers you are seeing.

It's great that your body was able to return your blood sugar back down to normal without medications. But if you are running over 200 after every meal, that is very unhealthy and you need to get some medication and a treatment plan to get things under control.

That's just my two cents.

cyncyn 2009-05-13 13:51:59 -0500 Report

That testing schedule, is the same way, my mother-in-law had to do. I think this is the best advise.

Sally 2009-05-10 08:20:33 -0500 Report

Ok, my advice would be to get a second opinion, see another doctor and have him or her go over the test results with you and see what their input is. Your numbers are really confusing. Have you set the controls on your meter? I don't know what meter you are using, but most have two liquid solutions, one high and one low. You use these liquids as if they were blood on your test strip, and that sets your meter. If you haven't done that, you will get really erratic readings. And sometimes, for no reason you just have to redo those settings. So it is possible that your meter just gave you wrong results (the 26o's). Especially since your doctor says your other tests didn't show these spikes. If your meter still gives you high readings, keep a log of what you are eating and how long after you have eaten when you tested and what your results were and take them to your doctor. If he still doesn't seem to be listening, find another doctor. It is your health, not his. Good luck.