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Ok guys, you are getting a cutting edge way to test your glucose without the constant finger sticks. I hope some of you get a chance to get one and share with the rest of us how you like it.

"On September 3, Abbott announced that it received a CE mark (the European stamp of approval to market and distribute a product) for its Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System. In the upcoming weeks, the product will become available in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Abbott intends to bring Freestyle Libre to the US in the future, and a major trial is expected to start before the end of the year. Abbott first introduced this Flash Glucose Monitoring technology a year ago at the EASD 2013 Conference – this system brings an entirely novel technology to the diabetes landscape, eliminating fingersticks to obtain real-time glucose and trend information. The product is intended to be a replacement for traditional blood glucose meters, but is also designed to overcome some of the limitations of CGM (cost, device on the body, need for fingersticks)."

I read about this a few weeks ago and now it's all on board. Imagine just having to wave a devise the size of your meter over a spot on your arm (that can be under clothing) and getting a reading. No more trying to figure out how to test at the table in a restaurant without freaking out your dinner mates or neighboring tables. Imagine not having to pay for strips and stick your fingers 10 times a day to see what's going on. A great alternative for those of us who cannot get a CGM. I think this is a great product idea and can't wait to get it approved here in the US.

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Chuck Fisher
Chuck Fisher 2014-09-26 15:05:35 -0500 Report

“In regards to pricing, we’re not disclosing specifics at this time,” Sachariason told us. “It will be priced significantly less than continuous glucose monitoring, but a bit more than (traditional) blood glucose monitoring.”

Type1Lou 2014-09-26 10:07:25 -0500 Report

Thanks for posting this Gabby! I'm one of those who would like to use a CGM but because Medicare doesn't cover CGM's, I haven't been able to due to the high cost. This seems to be an exiciting alternative and a less "prickly" solution!

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