Everyone should take some time to look at their medical files.

By Brenin Latest Reply 2014-10-06 16:59:43 -0500
Started 2014-09-26 00:52:04 -0500

I fired my doctor after multiple mistakes treating my diabetes. I was put on 2 meds I shouldn't have ever been on because of my severe sulfa allergy, I have been discouraged from advocating for myself, questions aren't allowed in his care and so on.

So I asked for a copy of my file, signed my release form and took the time to sit down and go through it. I find that my penicillin allergy is missing off my charts for the last year or so, my sulfa allergy is clearly listed (so he just wasn't paying attention to that one) 3 other allergies are no longer listed, I'm listed as a smoker ( have NEVER been one).

It's very interesting to see what is and isn't in one's file.

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tabby9146 2014-10-06 10:54:08 -0500 Report

yes! absolutely! I happened to look at my file once, when my doctor and the nurse were out, and I knew I had a right to look at it, and "dementia" was listed!! I do not have it, never been suspected of it, clearly. I was outraged! I told the nurse and she took it off supposedly. But I have changed doctors. I will be looking at it periodically. This was crazy!!!

Brenin 2014-10-06 13:04:46 -0500 Report

I actually have my records right now since I'm no longer in my doctors care. I'm looking for someone new to treat me…we'll see how that goes.

Chopstix 2014-10-05 22:48:28 -0500 Report

I understand where you are coming from. I have copies of my medical records from the Army(74-81) to today including the VA hospital. I fired the doctor who diagnosed me as being Type 2 for a few reasons like unloading a 53 feet trailer was not exercise and his giving very little information for me to care for my illness plus I got the strong impression he thought that since I drive a truck I was stupid…

Brenin 2014-10-06 12:59:57 -0500 Report

You bring up a very good point that I tried to make with my own doctor… he didn't feel that working on a small farm was considered exercising to some degree. I KNOW that I need to exercise more than what I was doing, but it wasn't like I was just sitting around giving orders. Unloading 30 bales of hay from the truck and then carrying them to the loft was quite a bit of work. Tending to the animals, working the gardens, pushing that darn wheelbarrow with the flat tire and chasing chickens that would get loose. Every diabetic should have a flat tire wheelbarrow and chase chickens daily. ;-)

Chopstix 2014-10-06 15:43:15 -0500 Report

LOL! We have the wheelbarrow and the wife is talking about getting about 4 or 5 hens…

Brenin 2014-10-06 16:59:43 -0500 Report

It's just not the same if the wheelbarrow doesn't have that flat tire. LOL!!! I have 2 different flocks of chickens and I also raise rabbits…for show and meat. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I really like being able to provide for us.

RachelChavez 2014-10-02 17:47:08 -0500 Report

I'm sorry to hear that your doctor has not kept up your records properly. However, I'm so glad to hear that you took it upon yourself to be an advocate for your health! This is something that is so important for people, especially those with a chronic condition, to do for themselves. I was in the room when my mom was being prepped for surgery on her foot and there was a big green sticker on her file that said diabetic. Nope. She has never been diabetic or treated for anything similar to diabetes in her life. We had to make sure that got corrected. I also have a severe allergy to latex. On my record at my PREVIOUS dentist's office, there was a giant red sticker stating my latex allergy. But every time, without fail, the dental assistants would chat and proceed to put on latex gloves and make a beeline for my mouth. I swatted them away on more than one occasion and reminded them that they almost just killed me (a little dramatic but still very dangerous).

As patients we need to remember that even good care providers see hundreds of patients and can easily confuse information. I mean, how many times have those of you that are parents mixed up the names of your children? We need to be on top of our own records and medical information and be advocates for ourselves to have a better working relationship with our care providers.

lorider70 2014-09-30 14:34:46 -0500 Report

Doctors; for some reason, are somewhat reluctant to release a person's records. I always thought they didn't want to risk losing a patient. Even though you have a right to obtain these records; they always move slowly to release them. I even had a doctor tell me, when I asked what a medication would do, that I wouldn't understand if he told me. I reminded him that during my appointment time, he was working for me and that I demanded the explanation whether I understood it or not.

Brenin 2014-09-30 17:10:00 -0500 Report

I had no problem getting mine. I actually thought it was going to take longer, but those records were ready to go before I was. I brought some serious complaints to the manager of the clinic regarding my doctor…I hope they see him for what he is before he seriously hurts someone. I've done all I'm going to do on my end… I'm just thankful that I recognized poor care when I did.

Sherly800 2014-09-27 00:41:19 -0500 Report

It's so sad and annoying to know that we aren't often allowed to speak for ourselves and usually, the lack of knowledge in particular issue (and in this case high blood sugar) would be an advantage for professionals to twist the actual situation to favor themselves more. I came across this book " High Blood Sugar: Find The Cause and Eliminate It!" It really helps is clarifying a lot of doubts especially when you know that your blood sugar is under control BUT your doctor thinks otherwise.

MaxieFo 2014-09-26 15:01:01 -0500 Report

I have had several experiences where the doctor has added additional notes that were never discussed with me, and we're later brought to my attention by another doctor the most recent happened today when my new primary doctor read over notes she got from my former neurologist. I always request a copy of the doctors notes to review because like in every profession there are good and bad doctors.

Type1Lou 2014-09-26 10:52:42 -0500 Report

It's essential that we advocate for ourselves and correct anything inaccurate in our records. Doctors are far from infallible (although some don't like to admit it).

Pegsy 2014-09-26 19:27:59 -0500 Report

I'll bet I'm not the only one who has faced some resistance from the doctor's staff when I have requested copies of my medical records. Thankfully that is not an issue with my current doctor but it has been a problem in the past.

Brenin 2014-09-26 10:14:46 -0500 Report

"It makes him look like he does way more than he actually does"… you hit that one on the head. I noticed that in my file. I see all kinds of notes he's MADE, but nothing we ever end up discussing.

GabbyPA 2014-09-26 08:30:06 -0500 Report

This is sadly true.

The codes of things are so easily messed up and sometimes they just flat out don't listen. Everyone needs to know what is in there because it will affect your ability to get health insurance. If you were listed as a smoke, that puts an extra "risk" on you that you would be paying for without even knowing.

My doctor continually puts in my file that he has counseled me in my diet. NOPE, not once. Except after I went to a nutritionist and I asked him about her suggestions. I asked him about it once and he said it's just how the code is worded. To me, it makes him look like he does way more than he actually does.