Tomorrow is the day I have oral surgery. So dreading it.

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never had it before in my life. never had any dental work needed except a few old fillings refilled years ago . never even so much had a cavity since I was about 15 when I got my braces off. not worried about those procedures at all, but I am this one. I have a badly chipped infected tooth extraction tomorrow morning! I am nervous about it. not sure why but I am. I am not all that worried about my blood sugar, since I control with D&E. I elected not to go to an oral surgeon, and not be sedatd, just my dentist, with the shot and the nitrous oxide. That should be enough. I understand that the "gas" will keep my calm. I sure hope so! Anyway, please say a prayer for me that all goes well and for my nerves too tomorrow morning. I am aware of what could happen, but I try to remain positive. I've been on antibiotics 2,000 mgs for a week!

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tabby9146 2014-09-26 07:40:03 -0500 Report

It went well and I am fine! thanks for all the thoughts. I only had to take 2 pain pills yesterday, one afternoon and one late at night. Today. I am pain free. I am the type who won't take prescription meds until absolutely necessary. The tooth chipped and broke more while he was trying to get it out. I heard those popping sounds but I never had any anxiety like I thought I would. I had said prayers for days, and I had many friends and famly praying for me, and I know that is why, once I sat in that chair, I was calmer. I did not even need the nitrous oxide (gas) so I paid $45 "less" because I did not need that. So now, the crowns and the other work, I will not worry about at all. I still have to take it easy today and then watch what I do over the next week because your blood pressure of course goes up when you get active and that can make the clot come out. I had quite a bit of bleeding at first, but not near what I expected and after about 4 hours yesterday, I never had more of that. I can't exercise for a week and I really hate that. That is part of my every day routine that I love. Even when I do, I will start out with walking a mile or two and not too fast and yoga, and then get back to aerobics later. I have to use my own judgement he said, at the end of one week.

robertoj 2014-09-24 19:26:32 -0500 Report

My prayers are with you. You will feel so much better when it heals. It's worth a case of nerves.

teacherspet 2014-09-24 11:52:45 -0500 Report

Oh, boy can I relate. Hope by now everything is done and you are sweetly tucked in at home with no pain at all or at least very little. My teeth were very good, had braces for four years when I was 28 —- oldest woman on maternity floor with braces —- but then last year all my good old fillings started to crack, and that cracked the tooth,. My dentist said that happens to diabetics sometimes when we don't drink enough water, or our mouths get dry and we don't do something about it. ICK! Saw him, last summer, at least once a week. So hopefully this is as bad as it gets for you. I'll say some prayers. Let us know how you did.

tabby9146 2014-09-24 11:36:05 -0500 Report

I waited too long when I knew I had a chipped tooth, way too long. I won't do that again. Apparently I grind my teeth sometimes at night!! this is news to me. Got to wear one of those night gards. not sure about them, don't know anything about them at all. I have a few other teeth that are very slightly chipped that need crowns. I am glad I have good dental insurance, however…I will need a "bridge" because of this tooth coming out. I will put that off for just a few short months. Anyone else have a bridge? I am glad it is in the upper back!

Type1Lou 2014-09-24 12:37:41 -0500 Report

I have 2 bridges (both over 15 years old) on both sides of lower back teeth; one is 4-units and the other is 5 units. I was lucky to have a very meticulous dentist and had no problem adjusting to either bridge. I think I inherited my Dad's teeth (along with his diabetes) since, as long as I remember, he had false teeth…at least I'm not there yet and it spurs me to get my teeth cleaned every 4 months as well as maintain good dental hygiene. My Mom died at 98 with all of her real teeth!