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By robnsnest Latest Reply 2014-09-24 15:25:52 -0500
Started 2014-09-24 01:10:11 -0500

I'm not on any medication my doc. does not seem to think my a1c is all that high last a1c was 6.2.
but my post reading are in the 200',just cant seem to get a handle on getting them lower. I'm try to watch my carbs and I walk 45mn. 5 days a week.I keep a food journal, check my blood sugars after
eating.I just feel like i have run into a wall. Maybe having more accountability to someone that knows and understand the ends and outs might be helpful,no one in my family has diabetes so when trying to explain whats going on they just don't get it that being said they are very sportive. Anyway any suggestions would be great.


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Glucerna 2014-09-24 15:25:52 -0500 Report

It's great that you want to get better blood sugar management. You might ask your physician for a referral to a diabetes education program where you can learn more about managing diabetes and get answers to your specific questions. ~Lynn @Glucerna

GabbyPA 2014-09-24 06:29:58 -0500 Report

Do you count the carbs in your meals? I see you are keeping a log, but does that break things down like carbs, calories, protein, fat and fiber? I found that was the only way I found out what I was really eating. It's time consuming, but it's worth it.

robnsnest 2014-09-24 11:12:09 -0500 Report

Thanks Gabby for responding. I have kept track of calories and carbs but not protein, fat and fiber.I'll rework my log sheet to add those and will take a closer look at my carb portions.I just have to get these blood sugars down.And my doc just does not seem to want to use medication.

GabbyPA 2014-09-24 11:19:11 -0500 Report

What kind of carb numbers are you consuming? What you might want to do is reduce that number a little or add a little more protein to the mix.