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Discussion content removed for inappropriate content.

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toldroyd 2009-05-09 22:15:07 -0500 Report

It appears that the creator of this discussion message intent was to see if the page was secure and not acceptable to XSS vulnerabilities. We do our best to make sure users information is kept private and secure. In regards to cookies we don't store any user sensitive information in the session cookie. The session cookie is only used for login purposes and to keep the user logged in throughout their visit on the site.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-05-09 22:30:59 -0500 Report

A ridiculous post in the first place.

highlandcitygirl 2009-05-09 22:43:01 -0500 Report

i am always late for the cookies ! what happened ?

cyncyn 2009-05-09 21:38:04 -0500 Report

I haven't been in the community very long, but have no fear about any problems. This site has been here for too long, and no one has experienced any problems.

the5thone 2009-05-09 13:30:59 -0500 Report

you can delete your cookies at anytime. But you will need to log in differantly each time with passwords and etc.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-05-09 20:03:23 -0500 Report

I delete mine every now and then, as they build up so quickly and all are not needed, but they're generally not harmful and do make signing on to fequently used sites much easier.

2009-05-09 13:16:57 -0500 Report

Anyone who uses a computer, or has any knowledge of one, knows about cookies. I agree with the others, what's your point?

SkipT 2009-05-09 11:34:58 -0500 Report

I really don't understand why everyone freaks out over "cookies" on the internet; yet have no problem using credit cards, store cards and such in a much more public setting. What do you think the magnetic strip on the back of all credit and store cards is doing when you use it. It is tracking you.

GabbyPA 2009-05-09 10:51:23 -0500 Report

And you point is? This site has cookies to keep you logged in and know who you are. They are not tracking you for some dark purpose. John can explain it better, but they are not going to be spamming you with the cookie information.