Any success on Victoza?

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Hi guys. I'm new to the site, but diabetes and I are old friends. Due to lack of health insurance in went many years undiagnosed and another couple of years doing without the much needed medication. After a recent hospital stay, in may, I found out my a1c wad 17. My Dr even couldn't believe it was so high. I was finally approved for medicaid and was able to get the insulin I needed. I started seeing a new endocrinologist at the beginning of the month and I'm happy to say my a1c is now 8.6! My question is, has anyone else been put on Victoza and what was your experience with it? I have been on it now for 4 days and find that with this along with invokana my blood sugar has been excellent! Problem seems to be that I never want to eat now! Being diabetic, that's both a blessing and a curse. Anyone else have this issue?

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Diabetic Nancy
Diabetic Nancy 2014-10-08 14:52:12 -0500 Report

Hi Courtney. I've been on Victoza since about April and absolutely love it! I was diagnosed in 2007 after a 13.6 A1C and was initially put on Metformin. Well, I had an adverse reaction to (not just allergic) but adverse and was hospitalized. Before getting on Victoza I was on 50 units of insulin at bedtime and 5 units before each meal. I have tried them all, Byetta, Januvia,…all of them and like Victoza the best. My A1C was 7.3 yesterday and I've lost 10 pounds.

calayx 2014-10-01 12:32:45 -0500 Report

I was prescribed Victoza, but my insurance was going to charge me over $150. I could not pay for it. So never tried it.

linda653 2014-09-24 01:02:28 -0500 Report

I can't help with your question because I take neither medications, but congratulations on lowering your a1c!!!!!!

Glucerna 2014-09-23 19:15:07 -0500 Report

It's wonderful that you now have health insurance and are taking medication that has lowered your A1c. A common side effect of Vitctoza is that it also affects appetite. I'm glad it's working for you. ~Lynn @Glucerna