46 Years And Counting

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Sunday September 21, 2014 marked 46 years of managing type 1 diabetes. I thank God that I am alive well. Thank my family and friends who have been there for me to hand me an O.J. or a bottle of coke to get me back up and at 'em. My lone regret is my doctor never told me about hypoglycemia unawareness and how to prevent it. My week in Deaconess Hospital in Boston getting treated I fondly recall the elderly Adult Diabetics who shared a room with me. They assured that in twenty years, 1988, diabetes will be cured. I have benefitted tremendously from so many improvements diabetes management. Blood glucose meters smaller than the palm of my hand let me know my BG in five seconds. Humalog and Lantus insulin are way better than Regular and NPH. The stores are excellent at listing the carbohydrates in food. The greatest improvement is the workers at the International Diabetes Center in St. Louis Park express their appreciation of the hard work they know I have done every day for 46 years just to be healthy today with a lone problem of hypoglycemia unawareness. God bless my dearly departed mother who was there every day for me in high school caring about my diabetes and never criticizing me for testing 2+ or 250+. She helped me learn it is only test, forgive myself and do my best to be healthy from now on. My father was there but he did not have the time to learn every detail involved in diabetes management. He was proud of my soccer play, my tennis play, acting in school plays, bicycling around Scotland the summer of '73 with my older sister who was kind enough to take regular breaks so I tested and managed my health. My fasting BG was 186 at 6:15. Not a number to be proud of but only a momentary number. In my supper group I feel blessed to be the first example some group members ever witness of a healthy diabetic. I meet people in their 50s and 60s whose parents died from diabetic complications and do my best to explain to them the human body's remarkable ability to heal itself if we give ourselves the chance to heal. Congratulations to the thousands of you who do everything you can to help yourself heal as you live an active life with diabetes. Diabetes is a daily fight but with diabetes we are blessed to have the ability to manage our healing. Thanks to all of you for being here.

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Hops 2014-09-26 07:33:43 -0500 Report

It helps once you realize that the management of diabetes is unique to the needs of each diabetic. Pancreas function varies soon after diagnosis in the honeymoon period as it is known. I required a bolus of Regular Insulin before each meal. Doctors do not know why but suspect that my onset was so severe with a blood sugar of 1500 that caused phlebitis in my left leg that may have limited the honeymoon period for me. For the record I always prepared and gave my own injections exception when I was at first hospitalized. I first learned the diabetic meal plate of protein, fats, vegetables, and fruit. Today the emphasis is on counting carbohydrates and has been for 27 years or more. My support group promotes eating a balance of foods mostly whatever is from mother earth plus daily exercise along with a good sense of humor to help us overcome the many hurdles in our path.

IronOre 2014-09-26 00:40:29 -0500 Report

I have been T! for 39 years, and I have some questions:
Why did your parents need to care for you every day at school? mine never did, I only took two shots a day back then, so no assistance was needed at school
You actually had a way to test your blood glucose way back then ? worthless pee testing was the norm for me. The testing you are mentioning wasn't available until many years after you were in school.
My opinion is that the animal based insulin were way better than what they have now; and back then only two shots a day

Hops 2014-09-26 06:58:43 -0500 Report

My reference to my parents was that my mother often cared about, was interested in what my test was. She never gave me an insulin injection or tested my urine nor did she test my blood sugar. She did give me a Glucagon injection once. You are correct that initially these were Clinitest urine sugar tests. My doctor switched me to using Boehringer Manheim BG Strips in the mid 1970s as I recall. Forgive me for not keeping a diary on when these changes took place. I recall getting a JNJ One Touch BG meter later.
I have enjoyed tremendous support from my family and friends. People have given me orange juice at times of trouble. I was expressing my thanks for the many people who have helped me get this far. Congratulations on your 39 years of T1 management.

Best wishes, Tim

Fox Solo
Fox Solo 2014-09-25 17:52:04 -0500 Report

Great post! Thank you for sharing, it's a comfort to hear positive stories. Gives us newbies hope!

MoeGig 2014-09-24 07:16:59 -0500 Report

Congrats on your successful control. Sounds like you've done a great job managing this challenging condition. You mention Deaconess Hospital which reminds me that I was stricken in 1965 as a senior at BC. Was lucky to spend a week in the Joslin Clinic to learn as much as I could about this disease at the beginning. Knowledge is key.

Type1Lou 2014-09-23 18:09:15 -0500 Report

Congratulations on dealing well with your diabetes. I was diagnosed 38 years ago, and except for diabetes, consider myself quite healthy. I grew up watching my Dad deal with his diabetes. He was diagnosed in his early 60's in 1953. We have it so much easier than he did. He provided a good diabetes role model for me, although, he had died by the time I was diagnosed in 1976. With the right decisions about diet and exercise and the medications and technology available to us, for the most part, our diabetes can be well managed. I never felt it limited me or defined me. Life is good!

GabbyPA 2014-09-23 11:27:04 -0500 Report

Congratulations on your years of experience and progress. I have been diabetic for 6 years. I hope to one day say I have either been cured or have had it for 46 years or more. People like you inspire us to keep doing the best we can.

Hops 2014-09-23 12:17:35 -0500 Report

I have friends in Bryn Mawr, downtown Philadelphia, Conshohocken, and Kennett Square. I happily recall Longwood Gardens, which was started by the Duponts and there is a munitions museum built around the Dupont production of gun powder for the Revolutionary War. Six years is a long haul. I admire your positive attitude. It pays to promote and manage the bright sides of diabetes. Focusing on nutritionally health meals featuring fresh green vegetables and fresh fruit plus low glycemic carbs such as dark pumpernickel rye for one example. I focus on how good it makes me feel to eat healthy meals rather than on the sense that I am missing out on tastier foods. Keep up the good work.