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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to learn about diabetes so I can help my mom, recently diagnosed with type 2, learn how to control hers. We downloaded a lot of different apps and are reading her data, but I'm not sure what I should be looking for. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on things you look for in your BG level, A1C, insulin, carbs, and activity data that seems useful. So far none of the apps that we've downloaded have been able to connect all of these things — is it important to get a comprehensive, holistic picture from the data you collect? Or should we be looking for other patterns?

Thank you so much!

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jNaZr 2014-09-22 11:33:12 -0500 Report

Pinterest. Search for diabetes, diabetic, superfoods for diabetes, etc… Google a bunch too. Understand that different people are effected differently with those type 2. She will ultimately learn what works for her. The trick that helps me is to make sure that I eat enough good calories in a day.

jayabee52 2014-09-18 03:56:35 -0500 Report

Howdy 1010
From my perspective, really all which one needs to pay attention is What is one's fasting BG (blood glucose) level, Ideally it should be somewhere in the 80 to 120 mg/dl range (lower on that range the better, but not below 70 mg/dl as that would be dangerous for a Hypo - or low)

You also want to know how her meals are affecting her, so it would be ideal if she could take her BG levels 2 hrs ("postprandial") after each meal. And then one would do well to take her BG level just before bedtime and get a snack of complex carbs (like apple slices or graham crackers) and peanut butter to digest through the night (that will lead to better fasting readings).

The carbs would best be discussed with her Dr or Registered Dieteician, but a good ballpark may be about 30 gr carbs per meal. There are a lot of variables there so it is best to discuss this with Dr of RD.

As long as her A1c is at or below 6 it is good. One doesn't need to make this a worry for you and a burden for her. One can crunch numbers all day and at the end of the day the most important aspect of diabetes care is what I outlined above.

God's best to you and yours


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