Stimulus Checks

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Started 2009-05-08 13:58:01 -0500

People are now receiving their $250.00 Government stimulus checks. I received mine yesterday. This money will come in handy with the economy the way it is. Even though I have both Medicare and Medicaid, I still have some out of pocket medical expenses to pay. I take several medications. Even with the 3 and 4 dollar prices on some of my meds, I still have to pay full price for some. This week I had just 4 prescriptions refilled, and I had to pay almost $50.00. I also have a dentist appt. coming up in which I will have to make a co-pay, plus any other charges over $100.00. I also have to get my eyes checked. The same thing goes for my eye doctor, $30.00 co-pay, plus any charges over $100.00. So this money will really go a long wany on helping me with my out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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Dietbeeties 2009-05-10 08:51:18 -0500 Report

I must be out of the loop…lol…I've heard about adding $25 to peoples paychecks, but haven't heard about a $250 check, is everyone getting them or are there guidelines to who gets them?

RedRiver71 2009-05-10 09:04:53 -0500 Report

If you received SS, DAV, or SSI payments during the time period of 11/2008~02/2009, you will receive a $250 one-time payment. Not exact on the dates, but they are close.

Dietbeeties 2009-05-10 09:09:04 -0500 Report

oh…I see, so its basically the $25 we get on checks, but in one lump sum. I have been telling people "What about people who don't get paychecks every week?" or "What about people who are out of work but worked last year?" Thanks you for clearing that up for me. Turns out I already got this check!(through paychecks)

highlandcitygirl 2009-05-09 23:05:36 -0500 Report

i agree with everyone about how this will help. it is not the bail out that i expected though. i was sure that i would at least get a million dollars, after all, some folks got a whole lot more and didn't put it back in the economy !

2009-05-09 23:22:15 -0500 Report

You mean you didn't get a million? Wonder why? lol Can't figure that one out.

2009-05-08 20:49:58 -0500 Report

I agree that it won't go far, but every little bit helps whether you are using it on your medical bils, supplies, or prescriptions, or something else. I decided to use mine on my medical needs. That is where alot of my costs are. Thanks to everyone for your responses.

cyncyn 2009-05-08 20:19:27 -0500 Report

Haven't receive mine yet. And like you, it will come in handy! It won't go far, but it'll help.


Goddess 2009-05-08 20:20:43 -0500 Report

the same here.

daniel velazco
daniel velazco 2009-05-08 20:41:15 -0500 Report

I got mine a few days ago and it will come in handy. I allready met my deductible's so I have no co-pays the rest of this year.

cyncyn 2009-05-08 20:42:55 -0500 Report

That is great. At least you don't have to spend your money on that. Mine is almost met. Next week it will be!