To Post or Not To Post

By Anonymous Latest Reply 2009-05-10 09:05:04 -0500
Started 2009-05-07 23:08:04 -0500

I am going to post this discussion as Anonymous, in order to avoid any attacks that my comments may incur.

Who's descretion is it to decide what is to be a discussion, and what is not? Is it not a site administrators? Do we have a site administrator? Perhaps there should be more catergories in the discussion area, as I've seen suggested in another discussion.

We are more than just diabetics, we are people, who like to discuss more than just the disease we have to live with everyday. Other issues impact our lives, and discussing those could possibly help us in some way. Who knows.

I'm just afraid of people not posting what is in their heads due to it being knocked for not being diabetes related. I myself, get really bored and sick and tired of dealing with diabetes all the time, anybody with me?

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Dietbeeties 2009-05-10 09:05:04 -0500 Report

I have no problem with off topic have the choice to join or not join any discussion. There are alot that I read and don't comment on, but the information is useful. I also know that we may be diabetics but we are also human. We have bad days, and maybe it comes through the posts sometimes. Be forgiving and don't hold a grudge. And if you feel like you might have been curt in a message, its always ok to add an apology or "retract" your post by saying so. We are all here to help each other and get to know each other (Which is important to know details/history/habits when you are discussing medical issues. Basically, I'm just saying I'm up for reading any post! (no one says I have to agree or respond)

2009-05-09 22:05:50 -0500 Report

I have to ask, can non diabetic posts be posted in the "other" category?

DJ 2009-05-09 09:30:25 -0500 Report

I have been sitting here reading this discussion,and then I got to the last few replies and met up once again with the "Discussion Police"…I have seen this before in other discussions on this site…Members having a discussion on a topic,(diabetes related or not..) and all of a sudden the "Discussion Police enter and decide that there is no more discussion on this topic needed!!!Who exactly assigned these people to this task??? I for one do not care for anyone telling me that "No further discussion is needed" on any topic!! I would not be saying this here…except that I have seen this happen over and over again..I think we have Administrators here, and if they deem a subject to be closed,then they can say so, or remove the discussion all together.
Seriously,I do not want to be told I should not comment or continue a discussion…unless it is by the site Admin!!
Before you jump on me,..this is not directed at any One person nor is it meant to offend, but I believe No One but the Site Admin. has the right to end a discussion…unless it is maybe the person who started the discussion themselves.
Just my personal take on this issue.


LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-05-09 14:43:20 -0500 Report

I don't see where anyone said the discussion needed to be stopped. I did say it has been discussed to death, and it has. I would never tell someone to cease a discussion.

Regarding the comment that only site administrators have the right to end a discussion, if there's a problem, then the site administrators should be the ones to solve it, not us. They've been aware of the issues(s) for quite some time.

cyncyn 2009-05-08 19:42:29 -0500 Report

I believe, this site, was to help people, from all walks of life. And I also believe, that to help someone, you need to know a little about them. Their likings, their dislikes, their habits, their hardest part of this disease! Should I go on.

Just my opinion!

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-05-08 19:55:52 -0500 Report

I agree with you, but it seems to me the primary point of the discussion is more about what type "Discussions" should be started on here. Finding out about someone through a diabetes related discussion would certainly pose no problem and makes sense. Other than that, there is the message feature where people can email back and forth about more personal things.

Anonymous 2009-05-08 20:00:38 -0500 Report

i agree

highlandcitygirl 2009-05-08 21:17:32 -0500 Report

ain't it all just so grand !

mamaoak 2009-05-08 19:33:53 -0500 Report

i agree it would be a good idea then we can get to know every one alittle bit scocial acctivety would be good for every one. if that is what you mean i am not sure. but i think this is just for help with the diabetes.

TRKnight2007 2009-05-08 16:01:04 -0500 Report

We have a lot of site admins, including many of you. When you have close to 31,000 members there will, of course, be people who aren't always positive. The great news is this site isn't for them, it's for you.

John and I try not to step in and delete postings unless we see a flame war developing. But we have, from time to time, suspended people from the site when they don't follow the rules.

I hope you all will be able to continue posting without fear - whether or not that is under your own name or using Privacy Manager. Either way your opinion is valued and we appreciate you weighing in.


Anonymous 2009-05-08 12:36:58 -0500 Report

We do have site admin and then John is ever present. BTW, John, you are great, no matter what they say about you. LOL. Yes we are more than just diabetics, but myself, I would prefer if we stuck to a central theme of Diabetes. I can go anywhere else to find other information. I do know that I would would prefer the news section to be about diabetics alone with an off topic for for all other news. My 2 cents wroth.

RogerC 2009-05-08 08:09:37 -0500 Report

Typically, internet forums are "circled" around a particular interest. they are a place where you can go and talk with like-minded individuals about something that is of interest to you. This forum is about the diabetes aspect of our lives. Just like the acoustic guitar forum that I frequent is about that aspect of my life. I will say this, however, a lot of other forums do have an "off topic" section; a place to post things unrelated to the general topic that the forum is built around. I, personally, tend to not go to those sections of a forum because that isn't why I'm there. I would recommend that if you have another area of interest, then find a forum to discuss that. There's nothing that says you can't be a member of 2,3,4, or even a dozen forums.

You are right, we aren't just diabetics, we are people. we are complex people with varied interests, views and beliefs. But it's at this forum where I get to deal with this one aspect of my life.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-05-08 08:19:17 -0500 Report

So beautifully expressed. That has been my position all along. There are sites (i.e. Facebook) for general silliness and chatting.

Antique-Dave 2009-05-08 12:18:13 -0500 Report

It would not bother me to see an "off topic" category although I'm not sure if I would use it. I come here for the information about diabetes, fellowship, the support and to read about others experiences.

It has been greatly helpful to me. This forum seems to be more "homey" and comfortable then some of the others I have been looking at and I can see where someone might want to expand on friendships made here and talk about other things.

Not everyone has a wide group of friends on facebook, or in their community where they live, or make friends easily, there can be a lot of reasons why someone would want to have more and I think its a credit to the site that people would feel that way.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-05-08 12:34:43 -0500 Report

I agree. It does speak well for this site and its members. I have made several very good friends since joining. We use email and the messaging feature on the site, as well as Facebook. One can also use instant messaging. Like others, I have no problem with an off-topic area. Then those who wish to use that for more socialization, etc., would have an appropriate place to post.

I have no problem with a few off-topic remarks within a medical discussion - joking around, etc. I just think it's important to provide people with the information and tools they were originally looking for when they sought out the site.

Anonymous 2009-05-08 01:46:19 -0500 Report

I know what your saying, I recently felt that by posting something positive it may motivate others, instead it seemed like nobody wanted to read about positive things and only wanted to talk about all the bad that comes with diabetes. Guess they thought of it more as bragging then seeing the good in it and taking something from the positive and using it in their own lives. I know this disease is horrible for a lot of us but if that is all we dwell on that is all we get out of it. Just my opinion but, like you, I will post this as anonymous for ridicules sake.

cakeybakes 2009-05-07 23:15:40 -0500 Report

As far as I've seen I didn't think this has been a problem. I've read disussions on a lot of different topics. Why don't you just bring something up and see what happens?

I also happen to get A LOT out of the discussions about diabetes. I like to know I'm not the only one who feels a certain way, or who is going through certain things. It's nice to have the support.

I discuss all the other stuff with my friends around me, so I've never seen the need to bring up certain issues here.