Hi Everyone, been a while hope you are all doing well : O ) Can having a cold mess with you sugar ?

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My sugar has been running a little better for me, not under 84 or over 130 until I got this dumb cold! I haven't changed eating pattern or exercise, taking no meds for cold… with my high blood pressure pills I have to watch watch what I take ,so I just let my body fight it . But it seems one minute its high we'll say 160 something then drop low, out of the blue. Last night I knew better but I had KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) took skin off the breast, had half potatoes and half coleslaw. I was fine all night. Well until this morning. Must be you can carry over til the next day? I woke up sugar was 247(yikes) So I jumped on treadmill did my mile and waited about 10 min. Took my sugar again it was 120 But normally until this cold and kfc its been pretty good! I guess what I am asking how can you eat the same thing everyday but yet some days its a lot higher when I ate the same thing the day before. So could it be the cold messing with it?

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Hops 2014-09-24 08:08:14 -0500 Report

Fighting an infection causes the blood sugar to rise. Drink plenty of water, no less than a half gallon a day. Water helps a couple ways because it prevents dehydration and water slightly decreases the blood sugar.

elmirerod1919 2014-09-20 12:33:33 -0500 Report

I can answer that. for six years i was misdiagnosed as a t2 when i knew all along it was t1 but no one would listen. But when i caught cold, got cold sores, caught flu or other infections, yes my blood sugar did jump. Nothing to be worried over.

jayabee52 2014-09-16 16:58:59 -0500 Report

Yes Deb,
the cold is likely messing with you. Every person with diabetes needs to be aware of some basic rules to get through an illness. You can find them here ~ http://www.diabeticconnect.com/diabetes-infor...

I pray you get through this quickly


Debster_386 2014-09-16 18:36:31 -0500 Report

Thx so much James. I thought good grief what is going on! When you feel crappy from a cold as it is, then to have your sugar messing up! I was getting so stressed! I went to that site, i'll keep that all in mind : O )

debcox 2014-09-16 16:43:58 -0500 Report

I read that if you have any type of sickness that you have to be extra careful. If you are throwing up or can't eat or drink, you need to let your doctor know so your meds can be adjusted. Last month, my mom got sick and kept taking her meds even though she was not eating because she would throw up her food. After two days, I called her and she sounded incoherent. I called my sister who lived nearby and she took my mom to the ER where she ended up in the hospital for a few days. My mom said later that she was going to call us when she got better. If my sister had not gone over and taken her in, she would not have gotten better. Take care of yourself and call your doctor if you need to. Be careful of taking your medications without food or water.

Debster_386 2014-09-16 18:43:32 -0500 Report

Thx Deb for your help… I've been watching your Page : O ) I'm so proud of you! Losing weight, getting your things lowered. Perhaps even soon lowering your insulin! That is great news! Keep up the great work! : O ) I don't go back to doctor until Nov something to check my levels . I sure pray they have at least came down. Poking my finger I can handle. But having to balance insulin scares me too death! Chat soon !