Alzheimer's Could Be Type 3

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I have heard about this before several years ago, that Alzheimer's Disease is related to diabetes. It has resurfaced as a school of thought in this article and video.

" The "why" makes sense once you know how insulin works. Insulin is how your body regulates blood sugar — it prompts cells to pick up sugar from your blood and use that sugar as energy. When you eat a high-fat, high-sugar diet (as many Americans do), the cells are overwhelmed by all the sugar and stop reacting well to insulin. This is called insulin resistance, a condition that if left untreated, leads to type 2 diabetes.

All the sugar that's left in your blood stream by insulin resistance then wreaks havoc over the rest of your body, causing heart disease, nerve damage, eye damage, and more. When this damage reaches your brain cells, you lose memory function and become disoriented. Or in other words, some researchers say, you develop Alzheimer's."

Read the full article here:

I have a few issues with the connection, but I do see how continued assaults on our brains from highs and lows can cause memory loss. It's a very interesting theory.

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elmirerod1919 2014-09-20 12:20:50 -0500 Report

they have probably known this for many more years than you'd think, as it's cheaper to let them fade into the sunset than it is to use insulin. I was misdiagnosed with t2 for six years and i was sicker than a dog the whole time, and that's not the worst part. I knew since i was a small child i had type 1 diabetes and one day i'd inject insulin for life. I so many times asked the various doctors is there just a chanice i might be a type 1? The answer is no, because fat people in their late 30s don't get type 1, it's impossible. I was not satisfied, metformin never did a thing, i tested it myself and it did NOTHING. Glipizide worked temporarily until it got so bad 2 years ago they put me on lantus. I got a little better and for a little while i felt better got to 7.0, but on a downhill slope again. I started to swoon if i had to wait in line and i had to stand up, i was sick and would puke suddenly and without warning, i didn't sleep, i was in constant pain. I tried to reverse it like they do in england very successfully by eating no more than 600 calories a day for three months. I learnt my will power is AMAZING. I counted every little calorie. If they won't staple my stomach, i'll eat as though they did. Imagine the horror 10.1 finally he said i can do no more for you you have to see an endicrinologist, i did not want to go i said can't we try treating me like a type 1? No was his answer, as i was having too many insulin shocks. And i did. I self medicated with the lantus probably 4 times more than what i should take and that got it to 8.4. So I go to the endocrinologist, and mind you, i'm very angry, and i've had it with every issue,from immigration to tax reform, and i'm MAD. I'm a type 1 and i know it. Oh i unloaded on the poor angelic doctor that she was, i feel so bad because when i told her that i always felt i was type 1 and i don't know why she said Frank go right down to the lab we'll run a c-peptide test and you're gonna know for sure. For the first time ever, i went very happily and in a good mood to the lab. She told me i looked and my signs like a type 2 but she'll call me if i'm type 1, but we'll probably try victoza when i see her next. A week later she called me. She said Frank i want you to flush your metformin and glipizide down the toilet and go to the pharmacy to pick up your new kind of insulin and here's how you do it. I had to test 6 times a day now. You are right, i can't explain it but you are type 1. I said must be 1 1/2 she said NO type 1 you were born with it and your pancreas does NOT make any insulin. Oh the feeling of relief and let me tell you flushing them metformin fishy smelling pills i felt as good as when i confess my sins to father at church. GOD do i feel better!!! I stick to my diet and very very closely monitor my sugar, i cannot afford to cheat the metformin killed so many beta cells, i can't afford to lose many more, my pancreas is already dead. I'm telling you, if the doctor EVER calls you diabetic do not take a thing, run out of that office and to the endocrinologist, and have a c-peptide test done. It may save your life. The whole t2 thing reeks of conspiracy to me. No doctor can tell you what you are by looking at you. I ALWAYS knew i had it and if asked on a lie detector test if i had it even when it didn't show up on the test, i'd say yes and pass in flying colours. What other 6 year old kid will only drink tab and diet pepsi???? I knew it then and now. Everyone says you must've been shocked when she called you, i said no, i knew it was coming and i was relieved. I knew once they got the tests back that it would be discovered if there was a way. From what i found out they actually sent half the blood to maine medical center in portland to make sure and yes i make absolutely no insulin and i was BORN with a very bad pancreas. Would explain a lot of the pain i had that was so abnormal as a child. For a week i have had NO pain, can you believe that? not even my arthiritis bothers me, i feel it but it doesn't hurt. If they only listened to me the first time i asked them to. Those bastards could've killed me, as most like me are diagnosed in the hospital getting a leg cut off. I wish there were a test to tell exactly how much damage has been done, so i know where i stand

GabbyPA 2014-09-22 06:25:25 -0500 Report

Wow, what an expreience. This is why doctors MUST listen to their patients. If they had tested you long before, just to "shut you up" it would have been so much better. And if you had been wrong, then so be it, but at least you would have known at that point. I am glad it finally got worked out for you.

haoleboy 2014-09-16 14:49:45 -0500 Report

there is a relationship with glucose and insulin that seems to link a bunch of health issues that have been grouped under "Metabolic Syndrome" … diabetes and Alzheimer's are but two of those.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2014-09-16 14:16:47 -0500 Report

Very few of the residents suffering with Alzheimer's that I work with also have diabetes. Granted the numbers I work with are a statistically small sample. However, I have read scientific study reports that change the way the "experts" think from similar small samples.

GabbyPA 2014-09-16 14:25:32 -0500 Report

Yeah, I just don't get it being called diabetes because it doesn't have glucose issues. It might be from high amounts of sugars, but how do you have that without having numbers that reflect that? I guess I am not as smart as the doctors on this one.

haoleboy 2014-09-18 16:06:01 -0500 Report

"neurons in the brain need glucose to fuel their activities. In fact, PET scans have revealed that when some parts of the brain are engaged in a demanding cognitive task, the neurons in that area metabolize a great deal of glucose."
the full article :

Caroltoo 2014-09-18 17:53:43 -0500 Report

This is where the current studies about the effectiveness of the MCTs in Coconut oil fit right in. They are an alternative source of nutrition for a brain starved of glucose because of insulin resistence.

I used 10 mg of coconut oil for my spouse when his was getting worse and his doctor was so amazed at the change she stated: this change isn't because of what I prescribed, Carol, so what are YOU doing? It told her. Her response was that several others in her practice had done that and also seen results.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2014-09-18 19:17:14 -0500 Report

Makes me wonder if it might be a problem specific to the insulin receptors in brain cells, rather than throughout the entire body.
I have been hesitant to try coconut oil for its various health benefits. I used to have issues with foods containing coconut oil when I was grooming dogs. The shampoo I preferred to use was a coconut oil based one. It led to a sensitivity to foods containing coconut oil. Maybe my system has adjusted over the years so I should test it.

Pegsy 2014-09-18 14:11:44 -0500 Report

Both of my inlaws had Alzheimer's. He suffered from prediabetes years ago but through diet and exercise he was able to reverse it. Prior to that he had quite the sweet tooth. She was never diagnosed as diabetic or prediabetic but she really did love her sweets.

My mother was diabetic but showed no signs of Alzheimer's prior to her death. Interesting concept to keep an eye on. I can see Diabetes contributing to Alzheimer's as it contributes to other problems such as blindless, kidney disease, etc. But labeling Alzheimer's to be Diabetes Type 3 is a bit of a stretch in my mind.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2014-09-16 14:35:42 -0500 Report

I need to refresh my memory, but I believe there are studies that also show low glucose levels in the brain might be a cause of Alzheimer's. While there are other studies that lean to the high glucos levels cause the damage.
Darn brain fog, but I also do not remeber the medical name of the condition of water diabetes. I just remember that there are a few different conditions that share the term diabetes. Just as Type 1 and Type 2 differ, plus most likely Type 1.5.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2014-09-16 14:47:11 -0500 Report

Sorry, I have a case of the blues and am too lazy to turn on the computer to refresh my memory. I have a pet peeve of people who are using the internet and can't be bothered to type and click to do a search. So now I am blue and peeved at myself and still too lazy to do a search that would most likely take less time than typing this on my slightly less than cooperative smart phone.

GabbyPA 2014-09-16 14:50:35 -0500 Report

Don't be peeved. Sometimes I ask people questions to keep a conversation going. Often, they have a different take on what I would find if I researched it for myself. Not always lazy...sometimes you just have to ask a person instead of the internet.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2014-09-16 15:02:18 -0500 Report

Oh, I completely understand the asking to spark a discussion. Other people can provide a better slant. Or provide info I have not found. It is amazing how changing one word for another similar word can alter an internet search. Hubby and I can do searches on the same thing in real time and get totally different results. I even end up with different results from same worded searches on the computer and smart phone done at the same time.
Just remember I am in a lazy blue funkish mood at the moment And my pet peeve is normally not at home but has slipped through a hole in the fence and run away. It just happens to be here today.

Bug - 14465
Bug - 14465 2014-09-16 12:08:22 -0500 Report

Read an article on this. I have been type 2 for almost 30 years. Sorry I'm not buying into this. Just one more thing they cant put their finger on so lets blame it on this…not buying into it.

GabbyPA 2014-09-16 11:19:34 -0500 Report

The thing is that I also don't know if all Alzheimer's patients have other symptoms of diabetes. Its all a little confusing to me still. But I know I can get foggy when I have high levels.

Sly Kitty
Sly Kitty 2014-09-16 12:04:24 -0500 Report

I can also get foggy with low blood sugar. My father was diagnosed with dementia in his 70's and then Alzheimer's, but he was never a diabetic and died at 97 years of age. My mother who died at 73 of an aneurism was also never diabetic and I am the only diabetic child in our family though my mother had a sibling that was a type 2 diabetic on insulin. I have been concerned about Alzheimer's for many years and I participate in those brain and memory tests often, even though they stress me out. Thank you for this article.

elmirerod1919 2014-09-20 12:30:07 -0500 Report

a type 2 on insulin is a misdiagnosed type 1 they never admit it due to litigation issues. A true type 2 can reverse the disease thru starvation, or treat it with oral medicines. But when oral medicines stop working, it tells you right there the diabetic is no type 2. I was misdiagnosed with type 2 for six years until last week when i was properly diagnosed as a type 1

DawnieD 2014-09-16 09:17:16 -0500 Report

Uh-o, this just increased my likelihood of Alz; my Dad and one of his sisters suffered from it, and SHE was a health food nut (my Dad was too, but he also loved his sweets!). It was already one of my anxieties!

elmirerod1919 2014-09-20 12:31:41 -0500 Report

i have read in several publications that modest doses of caffiene and no more exposure to aluminum including anti perspirants you have to use true deodorant instead read the label will ward off alzheimer's

DawnieD 2014-09-21 19:03:44 -0500 Report

like, what are some product names and can you buy them at "normal" stores (yes, I mean WalMart!)?

nzingha 2014-09-16 08:11:52 -0500 Report

There is some logic to this reasoning I believe…and it's very worrying. tho many of the people i have come across with this not have diabetes.serious research needs to be done into this alzhemer's disease because it is becoming more prevalent and attacking even younger people some as young as 50's.

nzingha 2014-09-16 08:16:26 -0500 Report

Maybe they need to start some other global fund-raising like that bucket challenge.. to get the money to research this. the population is aging everywhere and it's a very difficult disease to manage already and a very sad one too..when people u know with high intellect become like zombies and forget even their own children, how devastating that must be for the family. I hear it makes u live longer and even stress free because u forget all the troubles in ur present, but who wants to live like that? where is the joy of living? I am seeing another of my relatives going thru this challenge and it makes me so sad because she was a brilliant teacher with a sharp and enquiring mind. she taught all f she looks at my son and can't even recognise him and in a matter of time, she will no doubt be asking me..'Who are you?".

jim hammock
jim hammock 2014-09-16 07:52:25 -0500 Report

I also have some doubts here.Sugar levels would have to be high over a longer period of time maybe.Exercise helps many adverse conditions .