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Anyone else out there worried about our medical care in the future? What is going to happen to diabetics and everyone else with an ongoing medical condition if our nation turns to socialistic forms of healthcare??

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lmkilday 2011-07-17 18:18:10 -0500 Report

Pre-existing conditions won't prevent you from obtaining coverage in 2013 (don't known the exact date). You can't be denied coverage now if you apply for group health insurance.

mamaoak 2009-05-07 19:32:50 -0500 Report

it all depends on what they are willing to pay for. its alot cheaper than what you all pay for now.i am from canada and you all have a great misccnseption on that type of heath care we are well looked after. our taxes are higher but everyone contributs to it all bussiness have to pay and you pay through your income tax as well. dont worrie it will all work out.

SteveMellen10 2009-05-07 14:06:42 -0500 Report

I'd rather see the government provide health care for all, rather than the private insurance system that help just those who can afford it. I've been in both pairs of shoes (insured and uninsured), and my experience has been when you're insured it doesn't matter, but when you're not (or unemployed) you go without. Now that I'm 50 and a diabetic with high insurance premiums to my former employer I become a target at lay off time. May be illegal, but prove it.

So you try to manage your blood glucose with diet when you can't afford insulin, can't afford to see a doctor for checkups or renewed prescriptions, and have no idea what your bg level is because you can't afford test strips, let alone a full blood lab. Then when you do find another job the insurance company excludes you for a pre-existing condition, even though I've been paying them premiums for 30+ years. It's just not right. You can beg from drug companies for free meds, but have to agree to allow them to sell your medical history to 3rd parties for marketing research.

Diabetics need to start standing up for each other in this area, it's a disease that hard to mange without proper treatment.More people are losing their jobs and insurance everyday in this economy. If we live to be old enough for Medicare, we're even a larger burden on the system with amputations & blindness.

Socialized medicine may not be the answer, our system is broke when it denies medicine dependent diseases treatment..

Just my 2 cents , thanks for listening to my rant :)

Sarguillo 2009-05-07 13:45:23 -0500 Report

From someone who was born in antoher country, Me, I would rather have the system we have now in this country, even as bad as it is currently. Where I come from, most of the people my age and older have no teeth. Noboy went to dentists back then. My cousin lost all his teeth by the time he was 19 years old. I remember that they were black and looked terrible. only now is dentisty comming to that country. Only the generation after me is starting to get the proper dental care that was always needed. I was born on an island in the Azores. Part of Portugal. Known as one of the poorest countries in Europe. I was lucky to come to the USA as a child with my parents. As of 20 years ago, There are no babbies born on the island I was born on. They ship all pregnant women to the next island and put them up in hotels untill babies are born as a means to increase the survivability of infants. They have a birthing center on that island. The infant mortality rate was quite high in the old days. My grandmother had 11 kids with only 2 surviving. My mom and my aunt. Its only now that those countries that offer social medicine are starting to take care of their people. Remember, In Canada, those who need a heart, basiclly dont get one. If they can aford it, they come to the US for their major operations. As bad as our system is, its not as bad as it is eveywhere else. FYI, some countries are declaring bankruptcy because their helth systems put them in the poor house which didnt help those countries out at all. In case you might think I dont know what I am talking about, My parents came to this country to get better medical care for my sister who was dying back there. She is now 52 years old. She would not have survived on the care she was offered back there in those days.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-05-07 16:23:14 -0500 Report

You do make a good point. Good health care is not a given in every country. It many areas there is virtually no such thing as "health care". I certainly don't mean to give the impression that I think we do not do better than some, but there are still are some that out perform us.

There's no doubt that things can and must be improved all over the world. No one should have to just lay around and be ill or eventually die because they cannot afford appropriate health care. So, while I hope for improvement, I am so very thankful and feel so very blessed for what we do have. I just want everyone to have some possibility of adequate care. I do have a problem with those who have no health care because they sit around waiting for others to pay for and provide them with it…those who refuse to work, etc. Not sure what the answer is to that problem. But life is not fair, and so there will always be some who benefit and take advantage of "the system", while others of us foot the bill.

mamaoak 2009-05-08 20:28:02 -0500 Report

i am from canada where did you here that noncence i have never had to pay a bill like here and have in surance to can lose everything here if you cant pay those outrage prices they charge even with insurance your made poor here and some come to the us because they need it right a way and bye the way canada pays part of that bill. they will not pay it all because they charge more here.

kdroberts 2009-05-07 12:37:56 -0500 Report

I would be more worried that it will continue down the path it's currently on where the general costs get higher, insurance coverage gets less, co-pays are increased and more people are uninsured.

While it may not be optimal, diabetics in countries with a national healtcare system get supplies, medications and doctor visits covered. In a number of countries those things are at no additional cost to the patient and the patient does have a reasonable choice.

You are about to see a bombardment of advertising and press about how bad universal healthcare is. Don't take it at face value and actually research what they are saying, you will find that a lot is not based on fact or facts are spun one way when they could equally be spun completely opposite. Again, it's not the optimal system for this country but I think over the years a lot of completely untrue things have been said about national health systems that have stuck in people mind so the concept gets rejected out of hand. If people actually looked at different systems around the world, how they work and what doesn't work then the whole healthcare debate could move forward rather than be stuck going in circles.

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