The people who make money off of Prosthetics

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A long time ago I lived near Hemet, California. There was a physician who made tons of money off of prosthetics. He used to joke all of the time that he owed all his money to diabetes. He said all the soda and excess carbs kept him rolling in dough. I just remembered the incident the other day.

Now that I have diabetes there is no way in hell I want to give him ANY business. That is why I chose to change my diet and lifestyle. The fear of being blind or having a limb amputated is very frightening. I just got my eyes fixed a few years ago. It felt like the fountain of youth had touched my eyes. There is no way I want to lose this gift to diabetes so soon! Make the change, the food doesn't taste that good. Besides you can eat many things in small quantities. Since I started taking my meds (8/28/14), eating right and exercising, my BS average is 118mg/dl. I was first diagnosed with a BS of 187mg/dl on 8/22/14. I eat 2 fatty protein filled meals out of a 21 meal week.

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Wow, that is a visual and a creepy one at that. I get all Dr. Frankenstein floating in my head combined with swimming in a pool of money....hmmm.

It's so true. Scare tactics don't always work because sometimes we think "it can't happen to me", until it does. I just like the idea of putting an arrogant prosthetic doctor out of business. LOL