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not sure these have been mentioned here
and my lancet device of choice:


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Pegsy 2014-09-26 19:52:27 -0500 Report

Hey Steve, I wanted to let you know that I got this meter and test strips that you suggested. Much more affordable and accuracy is pretty close to the one I had been using. Thank you for suggesting it. I really like it! The lancing device is great too. I never realized what a big difference there could be with such a simple tool. I am glad you posted this. I can afford to test a lot more often now and that gives me more confidence that my eating plan is working well and taking me in the right direction.

ReaderReader12 2014-09-15 21:24:15 -0500 Report

Wow…that is pretty good. I have a one touch ultra 2 and none of my stuff is covered by my insurance. My test strips are $144, but I can break it down and get smaller amounts. That is a pain also. Last time I had to do that it cost me $34 for 25. I asked for 50 strips, but they gave me the 25 now I have to wait about 20 days before I can refill. To make them last I test only in the morning, but my diabetic educator wants me to test several times a day. I was told my supply allows once a day. Needless to say I have some more questions to be asking.

Steve thanks for these links. I will be asking about them for sure.


jayabee52 2014-09-16 05:49:17 -0500 Report

Howdy Pam
Perhaps you might find the relion meter and strips so much more cost effective than the one touch strips, especially if you need to test more than the 1 time per day allowed with your insurance. You could have your Dr write your insurance co and insist your diabetes care causes you to need multiple (insert number) tests of your BG per day. Perhaps that will work, perhaps not. The relion meter costs less than $20, and a box of 50 strips are less than $20 (don't remember the price) also

Type1Lou 2014-09-12 18:27:21 -0500 Report

Thanks for providing info about lower cost alternatives. I find that frequent testing is vital to my control (I test 8X daily)

Pegsy 2014-09-12 17:34:53 -0500 Report

Steve, how long have you been using this meter? Do you find it to be more accurate than One Touch? The price is certainly less and that is a big draw for me because I test far more frequently than my doctor recommends and what my insurance will pay for.

haoleboy 2014-09-12 18:13:39 -0500 Report

actually I have not used it. I have a friend who does and swears by it. I currently use a Freestyle lite that my insurance provides that I really like and a Reli On Prime (for when the 100/90 day supply of strips insurance provides run out)