Dim Sum Mistake!!!!

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I am sitting in LA Chinatown after consuming chicken feet, pork spareribs, siu Mai and beef stomach. I made the mistake of assuming that the salty dishes would be free of sugar. I peeled the skin off the siu Mai and dig in. I notice that the chicken feet are a tad sweet. I panic and ask if the dishes I ordered have any sugar. They scramble around like chickens with their heads cut off. Finally I find someone who gave me a straight answer. ALL the premade Dim Sum has some sugar. I can feel the pit of my stomach churning in disgust realizing I just did my body harm.

My blood sugar was 102mg/DL before my first bite. I stop eating the Dim Sum and order Chinese Broccoli with no oyster sauce, cause of the HFCS.

Man this Moon Festival SUCKS! I still have to buy my wife mooncakes, which I will never eat again. I don't really miss that starchy thing anyhow. Maybe I will feel better picking out a duck to be slaughtered and dressed.

Right now I feel a little like I am a duck about to be slaughtered and dressed. I wonder how high will my blood sugar get??? I knew I should have gotten Korean BBQ instead, but eating Korean food on Chinese mid-autumn Moon Festival isn't my normal thing…I got the Diabetic Dim Sum Blues…Dim Sum is dead to me Forever, RIP.

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