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Hi Everyone, glad to have found this support group. Im 54 5'7" 160lbs Type 2 since 2011, uncontrolled on Metformin and Glyburide, numbers 250-550. A1c 2/14 was 16.9. Trig 1843 my liver enlarged bad they said NAFLD. I started Lantus on on 8/21, at 18u, now 30 plus 2000mg Metformin 15mg Glyburide. My A1c on 9/4 was 10.4 Trig 1067, first time Ive sern numbers under 200 in 2 years. I needed insulin long ago…no insurance. My fears are increased swelling in feet with 30 u Lantus, worries me! He wants me to eat 60 carbs a day geez one glucerna is 19, How do I do that? Im very concerned about weight gain. Had cancer in spine, steroids pushed me from 119 lb runner to 210 lbs, took two years to get to 158-160. Dont wish to gain back weight, painful on my small frame and back where surgery done. I eat healthy. My numbers are down but still all over had one 50 and typical is now 144-289 down from the 250+ fasting to as high as 550+. so any advice on Glucerna use, Lantus and swelling, Carbs and possible weight gain on Lantus appreciated. New here, New to Insulin. Thanks in advance.
Also neuropathy very very bad pain, needles cannot feel bottom of either foot, toes but pain derp and top of foot, red swells, ankle turns blue blue n purple, had vascular scan, large and small vein study and saw vascular surgeon, he said my belly looked 6 mo pregnant because huge liver, liver doc said need to lise weight and get sugas down due to severe fatty liver, my arms legs etc you see n feel bone, how do you tell liver to lose weight,because it has NAFLD. Pain doc says back n liver n diabetes straight reply getting rope veins at knee, broken veins calf down…Anyone else?

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TooSweet60 2014-11-06 17:58:59 -0600 Report

Hi James,
Ok, went in my medicine storage pulled a fresh bottle of KetoStix and used one, then retested with a high of 312. Pefectly Normal a beautiful light tan. Lol!
Yesterday I did good instead of 20 mg Glyburide I tried 5mg and dropped my Lantus From 40 to 30 and followed your diet. My Blood sugar remained under 200 all day for first time ever, Shock, ranged from 128-178 all day except a 37@ 2am this morning, Today I took same had a 312 2 hr after lunch. Took 2 nd Glyburide down to 199.
Things that make ya wannd go hmmmmm. But im starving on his 60 per day, living off celery cucumber, radish, coffee, etc gets old real fast.And have lost no weight, Why because Im starving so I store everything, Correct?
Today the pain and numbness a bit worse, but yesterday I was able to move around, cook, clean, put makeup on, do my hair, walk my dog. Have not done that much in years, And all I did was cut back the Glyburide with its chest pain and other crappy side effects, Cut back Lantus a bit and eat lie you, today a little more rocky but to be expected I guess. Doc may not like this, maybe I wont say a word right away and see how this plays out with his 60g of carbs or less a day, yeah ok! He eats, Im starving on 750 cal. I had 1200 yesterday and 100 carbs , that night drop was strange I take my Lantus a 10 am, Glyburide was 6am and 3 pm, Metformin 1000mg at 6am and 6 pm. I take Lasix at 6am and 2 pm, and my blood pressure and Other meds for pain spread accordingly.
I was using pen, having inssue cant feel finger tips so not enough ummmh to push, he got me 4 vials syringe 31x5mm it bent everytime, went to 31gx8mm ehhhh, then 29gx1/2 and I couldnt push the plunger it hurt awful, back to pen with a 31g6mm BD pen needle, not as hard as syinge, but I like seeing my dose darn it. But Im bleeding a tiny bit when I pull needle out, All my blood test are norm for bleeding issues, so why do I bleed, and leak a drop, I hold pen in to 20 ct with button depressed and 15 ct after I let go as doc said and pull out same path as in, is this a worry, I stick my belly where theres a bit thats pinchable, i rotate side to side spot to spot, no fat to use on my skinny arms and thighs, he said Id hit muscle esp with 1/2 in.
Well this is long, nice to have someone to toss your issues off of and get thoughts back, appreciate you very very much. You take care ok! Blessings
PS ?? why will it not let me load a pic to my profile?

jayabee52 2014-11-07 00:48:43 -0600 Report

Howdy Betty
Loading pics is a software issue and you may want to go down to the "feedback" link on the band at the bottom of this page and notify them of your difficulty. They should get back to you in 48 hrs.

Regarding Ketones in urine, you may want to read the article on ketones ~,

When you have such a radical reduction in carbs and calories your body goes into starvation mode. It hangs on to every bit of weight it can.

Wow your difficulty with injecting insulin is quite amazing to me. My late wife was blind and never seemed to have such difficulty, but she had a lot of fat into which to inject.

When I used insulin I would bleed occasionally when I hit a small blood vessel. I ddidn't happen often and was not all that concerned when it did.

However with "Jem" my late wife it was a concern as she had to take coumadin (warfarin) and bleeding and or bruising told us that her coumadin level was likely too high and we needed to back down to a lower dose. (of course we consulted her Dr before we did it.)

But if you get a drop of blood when withdrawing your needle you needn't worry about it as long as it stops at one or two drops.

I am amazed that you are on both insulin injections and on oral meds, and so many of them.

I firmly believe that when you get your food and drink intake squared away your BG levels will level off.

God bless


TooSweet60 2014-11-07 22:54:55 -0600 Report

Thanks James,
I am alternating between pen and vial Lantus to determine what will work best for me overall.. Its usually a drop, but have has much more and insulin leakage, Im trying differnt ways to find best fit, I think it could be because my hands are weak and shaky,
I used to give myself B-12 injections all the time with no issue, but I could feel my fingers then and was not weak in the fingers, nor shaky.
I will go read the Ketone article and Im pretty sure my body has kicked into starvation mode, im working with your food plan, 4 th day 2 good, good sugars, not hungry, more energy, but 2 days sugars everywhere. I wish the swelling would quit in my ankles nd feet.
I asked why so much meds, he said stubborn sugars, The Metformin I can understand moreso because of its actions being different, but the Glyburide was a drug ridden with side effects. I was also on a statin and a prescibed high dose niaicin, i had to stop them. I did reduce the Glyburide. To see what happens. Is cnned salt free tomatoes cooked with okra ok to eat. What about coffee i dring 4-5 cups a day BUT! Its Maxwell House Int Delights Sugar Free Fat Free and uhhh taste free lol! No sugar unless stevia drip or a stevia in raw pkt only one and Carnation Dairy Creamer Fat Free Sugar Free Caramel. Carbs 2 Cal 10 and it mkes me not so hungry. Is coffee ok. Eggs what about scrambled eggs, O Cal butter spray or canola spray 0 cal.
I take so much meds,
Metformin, Glyburide, Propranolol, Lasix, Klonopin, Hydocodone 10/5
Vistaril, Lisinopril, Potassium (prescribed) Neurontin, supposed to take Simvastatin and Niacin by Script. Elavil.B-12 pills and Pamelor also have MSContin for break thru pain but rarely use (dont like it)
I feel like a pharmacy James, it needs to stop, everytime its more and more higher and higher. Cant be good.
Thank you for you help and kindness
Hugs, Blessings Betty

jayabee52 2014-11-08 00:49:46 -0600 Report

Betty, Will comment on the food about which you asked

You might want to test those foods you mentioned via my testing your BG to which I linked in the middle of My Meal Plan.

Canned Tomatoes with Okra should be good. I doubt that the MH Int delights coffee is the best for you. Regular Coffee may or may not agree with your metabolism all I can say is test to see whether it plays nice with your body. I tested black coffee on my body and I found a little rise in my BG after 2hrs. However if you need the coffee to help you through the day it might be OK. You just may not wish to drink cup after cup as all those cups may cumulatively raise your BG levels quite a bit.

Eggs are great IMO. almost pure protein. I eat 2 eggs almost every day. The cholesterol thing is a bit of a myth since your body manufactures cholesterol. You can use search here on DC to get the skinny on eggs as there are several discussions on eggs posted here over the years.

God's best to you
James. .

jayabee52 2014-11-04 12:36:50 -0600 Report

Howdy Toosweet

You seem to have a lot of "medical challenges". People with diabetes (PWDs) often have NAFLD. According to American Liver Foundation: "There are no medical treatments yet for NAFLD. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly may help prevent liver damage from starting or reverse it in the early stages.
See a doctor who specializes in the liver regularly
*Talk to your doctor about ways to improve your liver health
*Lose weight, if you are overweight or obese
*Lower your cholesterol and triglycerides
*Control your diabetes
*Avoid alcohol".

for more see ~

You say you are limited to 60 carbs per day. Who told you this?

Generally speaking for females the carb allowance per meal is somewhere between 35 to 45 depending on her activity level. For males the usual carb allowance is between 50 to 60 per meal, likewise depending on activity level. You should consult with your Dr on this and get a referral to a Registered Dietician (RD) who will discuss your activity levels with you and help you set a goal for daily carb allowance broken into the number of meals and snacks you take.

God's best to you and yours


TooSweet60 2014-11-05 21:16:38 -0600 Report

Hi James,
Thanks for the reply, It was my doctor who told me when I asked him about his recomended carb intake on insulin he said 60 a day was his high aim preferred 30. I even sad "A Day" he said, Yes a day, I said you mean per meal right, he said No! Per Day. I would starve! And thats what Ive been doing!
I was healthy until 2006 when I got Dx'd with Breast Cancer and I fell apart. But this neuropathy business is not good, and the swelling ugggh!

I do see a hepatologist for my liver every 4 months. Hes the one who told me lose weight in my liver, he said you need insulin, OK got that. But he said Eat! But lose weight in my liver, I asked how and he said Eat. I dont drink or smoke never have. I eat right, always have, hard to be active cant feel my feet!
The swelling bothers me, Im having injection issues like crazy, On pens then vial, both bleed, I wonder if Im getting correct dose, needle size issues. Sometimes I just want to cry. Im not afraid of sticking myself, its so many obstacles and problems doctor not much help at all looking for a CDE. Or RD that is inexpensive (no insurance) im just not liking looking like Im 7 months pregnant with a huge liver it scares me. I want to run again, I ran the Boston Marathon 2x and several local ones now can barely walk. I miss my old life…
Thank you for your help
God Bless and Take Care

jayabee52 2014-11-06 08:57:56 -0600 Report

If your Dr was so adamant about your carb intake being only 60 per day perhaps you should look for another Dr. 60 carbs per day is close to starvation IMHO.

You are probably burning fat and muscle and getting a lot of ketones spilling into your urine. Most pharmacies have ketone detection kits. I had bought some "ketostix" and pee into a cup and then read the stick as it changes color to indicate the level of ketones in one's urine.

You don't want to go into a DKA coma for sure.

Best to you


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