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Well today is day 1. I have to admit that even *I* am a little queasy at this one. My diabetes "team" wants me to cut my lantus by 10%. Something that I am not entirely convinced is the right way to solve any of my afternoon lows. The only reason I'm doing this is so that I can disprove their "theory". This is the sad but true downfall of the Canadian healthcare system… We don't have a lot of choices when it comes to specialized care. This is the only diabetic center inside a 2 hr drive from my home. If I were south of the border…I'd have fired these people by now. I don't find "guess and test" an acceptable method of adjusting insulin, especially when deciding to do so on a "one-off" day! Here's to proving them wrong!

So far I have taken a weeks worth of food logs from a "normal" week. I have separated them by day in excel. And done a line chart of insulin, carb, and glucose. I can clearly see the low trend in the afternoon…but more importantly the elevation at supper after correcting the low in the afternoon. The sugars throughout the morning are generally stable (when I don't eat and there isn't much activity). I will do the same with this weeks log, and email it to them. I'm going to guess that I will be asking them to stop this nonsense… Thanks for all the support everyone, I welcome everyone's opinion on this one. Am I just over reacting?

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wraithmb 2014-09-01 20:42:15 -0500 Report

That's what I'm doing! My laptop stayed in the van today, and I have not only recorded glucose results, but carbs, insulin dosages, exercise, and pictures of any food I have eaten. It's all laid out and charted in excel :-). I also charted a "normal" week to show what my results were like before the changes. I figure if I'm the test subject in an experiment, we might as well do it properly :-)

Type1Lou 2014-09-01 17:50:03 -0500 Report

Four years ago, my primary care physician who had been handling my diabetes, kept increasing my Lantus while advising me to cut back and eliminate my Novolog due to increasingly frequent low BG's. I never felt comfortable with his approach (he pooh-poo'ed my concerns) and after it landed me in the hospital while on vacation in Idaho, I sought a referral to an endocrinologist. The endo actually lowered my Lantus dosage by 25%, changed it from a bedtime to a morning shot and re-educated me about bolus dosing, carb counting, carb to insulin ratios and sliding scales. It helped some. Within a year under their care, I opted to try pumping insulin and I am now kicking myself for having waited so long to pump. I've been using a Medtronic insulin pump for 3 years and hope I never have to go back to injections. I have greater control, better results and am using less insulin than when I was on MDI (Multiple Daily Injections) of Lantus and Novolog. I don't think you are over-reacting. Had I continued with my PCP's approach, I don't think I would be here today. Bombard them with data that they will not be able to refute. We have to advocate for ourselves.

jayabee52 2014-09-01 09:12:08 -0500 Report

Howdy Wraith
You've gotta know your body better than those folks 2 hrs away since you have to live in it,

However, what they are suggesting may well be what you need to not go low at all in the afternoon. (it seems to make sense to me)

I commend you for giving their suggestion a chance and then take the data from this coming week and compare with the previous week before the change in dosage.

Praying your afternoon lows go away