Change the World...Global Diabetic Awareness

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We would first and foremost, once again thank John here at DC
For allowing this Family at DC to become the first to know about
Exciting Project’s underway. Our official launch has only been two days ago
, and our “Change the World…Global Diabetic Awareness” message
Has caught like a wildfire!!

As soon as our Information Page is in place, we will let everyone know.
stay tuned here at DC. Because the DC Family is also such a lovely group,
we will be announcing new developments HERE FIRST!

This is going to blow you away. Welcome to CTWTV. Our own 24/7 Internet TV
Network. This is the very first place we have announced this. Please go to

And do not just wait for this Worldwide change, be a part of it.
And please, help spread the word!

Thank you as always (or alwaystryin),

Mark-John Clifford, Founder
Thomas R. Moore

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cyncyn 2009-05-02 23:49:20 -0500 Report

Come on folks, lets see those signatures. Let's all join in and help the cause! This can only help everyone, plus our next generation, and the next, and so forth. It only takes a few minutes to complete!
Hope to see tons of responses!!!!