Which do you prefer?

By tabby9146 Latest Reply 2009-05-05 17:12:49 -0500
Started 2009-05-02 19:36:26 -0500

which do you like the taste of better…Splenda or Truvia? I have not tried Truvia yet in anything but coffee. I prefer Splenda in coffee. Soon I will try it in other things and see. So far it seems like splenda has a slightly sweeter taste.

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2009-05-03 09:06:29 -0500 Report

I don't really like either of them. I like most things unsweetened. If I had to have one or the other, I would definitely go with Truvia. Angie :)

dj7110 2009-05-03 01:05:31 -0500 Report

for baking etc I use splenda, but for coffee etc I use an generic brand of artificial sweetner packets which says the sweetner ingrediant in them is aspartame (each packet equilivant to 2 tsp of reg sugar in sweetness).

Judimar 2009-05-03 00:42:35 -0500 Report

I use Splenda and Ideal. I haven't found big packages of Truvia where I shop atm just small packets. I prefer to buy the big packages since I tend to cook and make several pots of ice tea. I haven't really noticed much of a difference with either of them.

2009-05-02 23:21:37 -0500 Report

I use Truvia and I like it. Splenda has a good taste too but scary chemicals. I try to limit that. I like Truvia because it has the texture of sugar.


tabby9146 2009-05-05 17:12:49 -0500 Report

I have read this also but not sure it is 100% true. There are scary articles out there on every artificial sweetener so I limit them but can't seem to do without them altogether.

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