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I am doing this because of James Baker,

Started 10 years ago when i found out i had diabetes, at first I asked why me then i found out that it runs in my family . My father and bother both have it it skipped all my sisters i'm the oldest and my brother is the youngest,,,,,so I had to learn to deal with it. At first i did really good, then i slacked off. and that is when the problems started ( 5 yrs later )I moved from North Carolina to Florida, stress-or number one. I was not eating right and really started to put on the weight, but i wasn't ready to do anything I should, so my daughter decided i could get help up by her so again i moved to north Florida the Orlando area, I then found a church i liked and i was starting to do better, here comes stress-or number two, my legs started to hurt real bad went to the doctor and was told i had PAD and they wanted to go in and open the veins , well six procedures later i was starting to feel some what better, Stress-or number four they had to go in and clean out my left corroded artery i made it through that but then the next day i had a stroke which it effected my left side, stress-or number five. do you think it ended there???
then my kidneys decided to start to act up so then back to the hospital i went sick as a dog could not keep anything down not even they decided to see what was going on and low and behold it was a quarter size ulcer, along with the kidneys, so they put me on dialysis ,,,omg ,,,, what next so had to go 3 times a week and i was still vomiting this i had to do for 6 months, they finally got rid of the ulcer with meds and once they took me off dialysis i again started my long recovery, i could eat normal again,,,,,by this time i was down to 130 pounds i looked like death,,,,
MY journey with food or my diet
once i could eat again started with salads,oatmeal for breakfast, or cold cereal with fruit strawberries , bananas, apple
Lunch was a bowl of cottage cheese with pineapple or a tuna salad in a tomato
dinner was catfish, salmon , or chicken all baked green beans, asparagus
snack consisted of grapes, or weight watches ice cream
plus i was still drinking 8 bottles of water a day
i was following weight watcher diet but i was still hungry, so then i started to eat more and of course it was the wrong thing to my diet went out the window and i started gaining weight, which i needed to do, but now i can't stop. so now it is back to dieting again,
i don't eat white bread, luncheon meat,or too many starches , i don't eat cake or candy
ever now and then i will have some potato chips but not to often
i don't drink soda or sweet tea
i try to eat veggies more and more except corn because corn caused my sugar to rise

so this is why i'm here and this is my journey and how i got here,,,,,,i'm basically looking for support, and good recipes, so if anyone wants to help me please send me you easy recipes and any other comment if you will

God Bless you all ad especial thanks to James for suggesting i do this.


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Chopstix 2014-09-02 01:27:14 -0500 Report

Try being an over the road truck driver and learning how to take care of yourself, diet, exercise, etc. I was first diagnosed in April 2005 with 250 pounds on my 5 feet 7 inch frame. I am now under 200 lbs. Last year in February I had a heart attack but weighed in 210 followed by bypass surgery where I started back to losing weight. After starting a micro library of health books I discovered flaxseed oil. It's an omega 3 fatty acid of the vegetable kind. I was taking it three times a day. Side effects? Yes, if you want to call them that. I became not as hungry, stopped wanting a lot of foods I was eating, started losing weight, knees felt better. I learned quickly when there was any kind of urge to go to the restroom to stop and go. Draw your on conclusions on that. I would look closely at my diet when I read in order to see if anything was missing. I also looked at how different foods would affect my blood glucose. The ones that raised it I started not eating as much as I used to. I also found the wonders of apple cider vinegar(acv). Don't get it confused with apple cider. It has numerous health benefits you may want to research. All the best to you and you have come to one of the best sites for diabetics I have come across…

deewoelling 2014-09-02 15:14:10 -0500 Report

Yes chopstix you have had a very hard way to go yourself, and no i would not trade places with should write your story the way you just did for me.I agree with you the site is a very good one. and i have found many friends to help me along the way including you i hope.

ReaderReader12 2014-08-27 11:48:06 -0500 Report

Hi Dolores…I am sort of new (in the last month) to this site and I found it from a friend telling me about it. I use many of the recipes right on this site and have tried some really great ones. I am doing low-carb and it is working the way nothing has ever worked for me before. I fact when i found out I had type2 I thought there is no way I can control it with diet. I eat horrible and always have. Now I know I can eat the right way I am learning it is okay to feel hungry and then eat to not feel hungry, I am just doing things that I could never do. I wish you the best and I do have some recipes that I can write down for you and put on your page if you like. One of our favorites is so easy, easy, easy.

Stay positive and you will see.


Glucerna 2014-08-27 15:19:58 -0500 Report

I'm really struck by how you're learning that it's OK to feel hungry and then eat to not feel hungry. That's a big change for many people, and I'm glad you mentioned it. ~Lynn @Glucerna

wraithmb 2014-08-26 08:42:05 -0500 Report

Hi Dolores, it's nice to meet you and hear your story. It's been a huge challenge for you. I just started looking after myself in April after a 15 year "break", and something that one of the receptionists said at my last endo appointement kind of hit home. She referred to not caring for diabetes as a "cousin of alcoholism". In my case it was exactly that. I'd always tell myself that I was fine and I could keep going like I was. There wasn't anything wrong. Then one day my eyes opened and I realized… There's lots wrong… And my fight started. Someone here had given me a link to a site where you could enter a recipe, ANC it would give you the nutritional value of each serving after you give it the number of servings that it makes. It's at
I've started going through my recipe book and adding the nutritional information to it as I make things to count the servings. It's surprising how much more I was eating then I thought! Best of luck with your endeavor! My best advice is to remember that we are all human, and we all make mistakes. In the words of my grandmother, "if you fall off the horse, dust yourself off, and get back up there and ride!" Good Luck!

Type1Lou 2014-08-25 08:30:39 -0500 Report

Welcome to the site Dee. It's a great resource for support and information and has some really good recipes. Are you still in Florida? We're lucky to have ready access to fresh fruits and vegetables year-round. I found that Weight Watchers allows too many carbs to be "diabetes-friendly" for me. I've been following a low-carb approach for over 10 years and have obtained good results, both in weight and diabetes control. Wishing you well!

deewoelling 2014-08-25 09:07:08 -0500 Report


GabbyPA 2014-08-25 06:01:51 -0500 Report

You have had a bumpy journey for sure. We are glad it lead you here. There are a lot of great people here to help you along the next leg of your journey. I hope it's one that can make you smile.

maryanne55 2014-08-24 23:01:49 -0500 Report

thanks for sharing. you have had a long journey thats for sure. so glad you are doing much better.hope you continue to improve

IronOre 2014-08-24 23:01:21 -0500 Report

so what exactly did James Baker tell you to do ?

IronOre 2014-08-24 23:57:30 -0500 Report

It is odd to me that I see you became a member of this site on Aug 21, 2014
just a few days ago

deewoelling 2014-08-25 04:52:57 -0500 Report


jayabee52 2014-08-25 03:19:43 -0500 Report

Why do you fine that odd, Iron? Ppl are joining DC all the time! And as to what I did I merely invited her to be my friend and when she accepted I replied with a brief accounting of my life so far. Dee took it and ran with it.

jayabee52 2014-08-24 22:31:48 -0500 Report

Howdy Delores
I am glad you have posted this. It is eye opening as to how you got from where you were to where you are now.

God's best to you and yours


Glucerna 2014-08-24 16:43:06 -0500 Report

Deewoelling thanks for sharing your story. You've come through so much and you're continuing to look for ways to improve your health and feel better. Have you checked out the recipes on this site? ~Lynn @Glucerna

debcox 2014-08-24 16:18:05 -0500 Report

Deewoelling, I clicked on like because I liked your post but not all that has happened to you. It seems that you have been through a lot. Thank you for sharing with us.

I'm working on losing weight also through exercise and watching my carbs. I went out last night and that would not normally upset my diet but I ate some new food and my glucose level was up this morning and I'm not feeling all that great. I'm pretty sure it was up because I ate late yesterday (8:30 pm).

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