That Tingle in my right leg

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Started 2009-05-02 08:33:00 -0500

Neuropathy has been a problem for me for about 12 years now. The med neurotin helps but I still cant get a grip on this,standing in line for nearly 30 mins makes it fare up. Is there any suggestions out there please let me know, how you deal with this if you have this condition.

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PAT L 2009-05-03 18:56:39 -0500 Report

i dont know if this will help you,, but i have the same thing in my right foot.. one of my docs told me to start taking omega 3 fish oil, an this is to help the veins to get softer an the blood to flow better.. since if have started taking 2 a day, i have noted that my rash is going away an i dont feel the numbness that i used to in the big toe…an my shoes feel better when i put them on. when the blood slows down then we start to have all kinds of problem with our bodys… hope this helps you as it has me…

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